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This is my first blog so bare with me on this, it looks easy enough, i'm going to try and start using this as a place to list all the latest updates on reggae films and documentaries, we do have a forum over on our main website but it doesn't get much use so thought this blog would be an easier to use format and at least you won't have to search through the forum to find the updates and latest news, i'll try and post up here about anything new reggae film wise, but please feel free to post what u want on here, i'm new to this so not sure if it allows others to make new posts or what, will just have to wait and see, if anyone has any requests for information on any reggae/Rasta/Jamaican related film then please post up. I will link this page to my website once i get a few posts on here...........

ब्लेस्सेद लोवे

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    YOU CAN VIEW THE FULL PAGE WITH PICTURES ON MY WEBSITE. I would have put them up here but had probs with the HTML.

    NEW Reggae + Rasta Film RELEASES FOR 2006-2007
    (Updated Regularly)
    (Most recent at bottom of page)

    Skatalites - Live At The Lokerse Feesten 1997 And 2002
    released March 27th 2006

    Mikey Dread is in the process of making a new documentary about his life.

    Burning Spear: The Story of a Living Legend (2007)
    For more than 35 years, Burning Spear has inspired people from around the world to reach for a higher consciousness through his music.  In this film, we will explore the man behind the legend and the (r)evolution of reggae music that has influenced pop culture for the past 40 years.
    heres a clip i found of it so looks like we don't have too long to wait, due out in 2007 sometime:

    In this moment-even, documentary is turned on the life of the producer Bunny Lee, called Striker by make tubes (to strike the charts…). One will see film ends there where it appears with his parents as well as many speakers such Tappa Zukie, Cornell Campbell or Lee Perry. This superstar of the jamaïcaine production with which one owes in particular the flying cymbal style (inaugurated with None Shall Escape de Johnny Clarke) sees thus honoured with documentary justified which should learn some to us long. The Bunny Striker Lee Story will leave to England, constant by a signed exposure photo itinerant Tom Oldham.

    June 2005 - Source:

    The new Bob Marley/Reggae documentary, is in the editing process right now.
    **i can tell you that this film is going to feature Roger steffens and his amazing Bob Marley collection and the new museum in Jamaica.
    *** On hold till the final edit and content is sorted.

    Made in Jamaica,
    The new reggae film/documentary is due for release sometime in September 2006. The film features Grammy Award Winner Toots, Gregory Isaacs, Bunny Wailer (Bob Marley?s brother), 2006 Grammy Award Nominees Third World, Shia and Cat Core, Beres Hammond, Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare, Alaine Laugthon, Tanya Stephens, Bounty Killer, Blessed, Elephant Man, Lady Saw, Joseph Current, Vybz Kartel, Brick and Lace, Dr. Marshall, Capleton, Koolant, and Left Side & Esco. OUT VERY SOON, showing in toronto film festival this month...

    Word, Sound And Power
    Due for Re-Release, with the new cut having an extra 15mins added featuring footage of Hugh Mudell and Augustus Pablo.
    *Last i heard they where having some legal problems regarding this so who knows.........

    Steel Pulse
    The latest Steel Pulse documentary 'Introspective' has just been released.

    Yabby U - also has a documentary which i have heard about, it's getting screened at the JA'Sound reggae festival in July 2006 so hopfully this will become available before too long.

    Turn It Up! -May 06th 2006(New TV Series)
    Turn It Up! is the all new dancehall television show hosted by top BBC 1Xtra DJ Robbo Ranx hitting the TV screen on Friday 5th May 2006.
    This groundbreaking TV show Turn It Up! is a 30-minute music and lifestyle programme featuring live dancehall footage, interviews and up-to-date coverage of the international dancehall scene.
    Robbo Ranx hosts London's only West End dancehall and reggae club night, Uptown Splurt, every Wednesday at prestigious top spot Cameos nightclub. The night features some of the biggest DJ names in UK dancehall.
    Turn It Up Live! features the live vibes at Uptown Splurt, as well as dancehall and reggae stars from around the world, including performances from Voicemail and appearances from Ghost, LOC and many more.
    Robbo says: ‘Turn It Up! is all about Dancehall; the music, the lifestyle and the culture... It has a massive following here, and now for the first time the freshest video's, interviews and news will be hitting the UK screens... exclusive to Channel U'
    Turn It Up Live! will be aired at 9.30pm on Channel U (360 Sky TV) Friday 5th May 2006 with each episode repeated.

    Awake Zion
    is a documentary that explores the connections between reggae culture and Judaism. Through the themes of music, roots and culture, it aims to expose the senselessness of hate or intolerance by highlighting kinship as opposed to difference.? This one hasn't been made available to the public yet as far as i'm aware, so watch this space.....
    Due for release on DVD in Japan in the Fall 2006

    Dub Stories
    This is a new 3hr documentary made by french producers comes with a cd, supposedly released 22nd April 2006 but i've seen other release dates quoting June 2006, features loads of interviews with people including 20 interviews with, lee perry ... brain damage , some live , mixing demo from Mad proffessor?
    (Just finnished watching it, didn't seem as long as it said it was, features mainly modern european dub bands and talks about the history of dub, some great interviews with mad prof., Russ D. Irations Steppas, Bush Chemists, nice vid but not as exciting as i was hoping :@(

    JAH Rastaman Boss - Questions Answered - (Documentary)
    A new one that seems to have surfaced recently, it's some rasta who lives in london by the looks of it, and basically a film of him reasoning with friends on various issues, sat in what looks like his market stall after hours!!? interesting but only one mans opinion, i need to have a proper watch of this one to give my opinion on it. Looks like there are several volumes available from this man, anymore info apreciated....

    I Shot The Sheriff
    JAMIE FOXX is set to play BOB MARLEY in a new biopic focusing on the reggae icon's early life. Film-maker RACHID BOUCHAREB is set to direct the project which is the brainchild of the ONE LOVE star's widow RITA. Bouchareb says, "I've always liked the story of what made Marley the man. "I want to look at him as a child through to a young man, and how he became interested in Africa."? (Sounds interesting!!)
    (update: Jamie Foxx has denied he will be playing the part)

    A Story of Jews In Jamaica
    This one seems to have appeared recently, a doc about the history of Jews in JA.
    Nothing too special here, a found it a little boring! but isn't really my thing, great for anyone interested in Jews and there history in Jamaica.

    "RASTAFARI IDEOLOGY IN REGGAE MUSIC AND CULTURE" - by Jah Breeze, documentary to be released soon................
    Jah Breeze is a freelance journalist and video documentary producer from Guyana, South America. The video documentary being produced is a work in progress since 1994, entitled, "Rastafari Ideology in Reggae Music and Culture". The video footage captures in-depth personal interviews with many top Reggae musicians and aficionados, as well as with "the man on the street" in Jamaica about the spiritual, social and political concepts of Rastafari and its influence on world culture.

    DEEP ROOTS - 6 Part Channel 4 Documentary - narrated by Mikey Dread
    At last this once hard to find classic documentary is now to be re-released, A 306min 2 dvd set version is due for release 7 Aug 2006, watch this space for more info........

    Mutabaruka - a new video/documentary?? is soon to be released featuring Mutabaruka with rare footage from the 80's, from the makers of Word Sound+Power, will post more news as i get it........

    Prince Jammy King At The Controls - 1hr Documentary,
    a dvd is due for release this month(17th July 2006) which is included as an extra with a CD.

    FAVELA RISING (Release date 22nd August 2006)
    A true account of one mans fight to stop violence in his community through the power of music. The film
    documents a man and a movement, a city divided and a favela (Brazilian squatter settlement) united. Haunted by the murders of his family and many of his friends, Anderson a former drug-trafficker who turns social revolutionary in Rio de Janeiro's most feared slum. Through hip-hop music, the rhythms of the street, and Afro-Brazilian dance he rallies his community to counteract the violent oppression enforced by teenage drug armies and sustained by corrupt police.? At the dawn of liberation, just as collective mobility is overcoming all odds and Anderson's grassroots Afro Reggae movement is at the height of its success, a tragic accident threatens to silence the movement forever.

    The journey begins when Tsegaye, a driven and passionate musician leaves his two children and family and embarks on a search of his childhood friend, Kirubel. Kirubel embraces his friend's presence and brings along a shy, yet talented drummer named Teferi. These three embark on a journey of a musical mission that could bring modern Ethiopian music to the World.
    Falls, triumphs, and rude awakenings ultimately test their faith, friendship, and honor as they begin the journey of a lifetime. Filled with rhythm and colorful characters, Journey to Lasta brings an inspiring story of the "underdog" and vividly paints an honest and vibrant portrayal of the immigrant experience.
    The film also features the amazing sounds of Lasta Sound, Quinto Sol, Chakra, Upground and the legendary Ras Michael.
    About LASTA:
    Lasta is a small peaceful village in Ethiopia where once great civilization flourished, where Saint Lalibela created magnificent rock hewed churches and where one can hear sweet melodies from the secluded mountains of Lasta Lalibela.
    In our film, the word "lasta" is used as a "state of mind" where the band uses the spirit of Lasta to ultimatley create unique, new world music where they fuse the old traditional arrangements with the beats of the west.
    STREAMING TRAILER: "Tekur Set" Music Video"(6mins)
    45 Second Trailer:
    90-second Film Trailer:

    HARRY BELEFONTE: (12hr Mini Series) (Due for Release 2007)
    KINGSTON, ST. Andrew and St. Ann are to be featured extensively in a documentary being produced by legendary singer, actor and civil rights activist, Harry Belafonte, this summer.
    The 12-hour mini series, scheduled for release in 2007, will depict the life of the philanthropist who spent his early years in Jamaica. Belafonte lived in Jamaica from age one to 11.
    Does anyone remember the documentary in the 90's about reggae which featured harry belefonte's house in JA and interviewed the cleaner there who sang a song?

    Bob Marley & Friends - Documentary 4 yrs in the making due out soon..........
    It took Saul Swimmer four years to piece together footage from fans to create "Bob Marley & Friends," a documentary to be shown at the Colony Theater in Miami Beach on March 9 as part of the Miami International Film Festival.
    He rolled proceeds from an earlier musical documentary, "Queen - We Will Rock You," into this project and added some personal funds.
    The documentary required cooperation from fans across the world and the assent of the Marley estate, controlled by 11 survivors. The filmmaker said he paid tens of thousands of dollars in royalties.
    "Finding and collecting footage was the first phase," said Mr. Swimmer. "Then the Marley heirs all wanted a say. They wanted their input. There are the children, their mother, his widow. We had to satisfy a lot of people without compromising the picture."
    Twenty-five songs accompany the footage, including four performed by Marley, three by contemporary Pete Tosh and another by Marley's children. Unraveling the intellectual property rights in the songs proved a challenge, said Mr. Swimmer.
    "I made a deal with the estate, and I went through the office," he said. "The songs are in a different bracket of royalty if they have already been re-recorded. The Marleys still wanted to OK every use of a song, but they seemed very happy with the end product."
    (check forum for full text)
    Saul Swimmer pictured below:

    Songs Of Freedom - Documentary about gay people in JA.(recently released)

    Redemption Song
    Based on the life of Jamaican actress Esther Anderson(Bobs last girlfriend before he passed away), and her involvement with the developement of Island Records. The film is to be shot in Jamaica, London and Hollywood and  is to be directed by Kasi Lemons. it is believed that talks are being held with Michelle Rodriguez, Matt Cedano and James Spader to play prominent roles. Aston 'Familyman' Barret is supposedly doing some of the music for it. 
    "Being back in LA after all these years is very exciting. There's a new breed of filmmakers who know about Jamaica and our music. They're willing to take part in the film and some directors have shown interest in building sets. It is a nice feeling to know that although years have passed the door is still open to me as an artist and filmmaker", said Esther.

    A documentary screened on Caribnation TV 8th July. Covers the history of the Maroons(30mins)
    (The word maroon comes from the Spanish word 'cimarrones ', which meant 'mountaineers')
    (If anyone has this please email me )

    Man Dem Nor Glady'o (People Are Not Happy)
    Man Dem Nor Glady'O is an hour long documentary that explores how the
    United Nations and other international supporting bodies dealt with
    the symptoms of the war in Sierra Leone, whilst simultaneously
    failing to deal with the causes. The guns have been silenced, yet a
    lack of infrastructure, good governance and access to basic needs may
    prove the igniting factors of future conflict. Man Dem Nor Glady'O was
    filmed on location in Sierra Leone and gives the viewer a stark
    insight into the real lives and trauma of the conflict - and beyond.
    Speaking in an interview, Blagrove stated that Man Dem Nor Glady?O which is Creole for The People Are Not Happy, is a documentary about how the United Nations and other international supporting bodies dealt with the consequences of war in Sierra Leone but failed to deal with the causes.
    According to Blagrove, although the guns are presently silent, the issues of poverty, corruption and bad governance are still endemic and may yet again be the igniting factors of a future conflict.
    The release of this film is especially relevant in its documentation
    of the presidential campaigns for the forthcoming 2007 elections.
    Set to be aired at a London Movie Theatre on August 11th 2006.

    Streaming WMV trailer:

    Blood Diamonds - SIERRA LEONE, (Due For Release: Dec.8th 2006)
    An investigation into how diamonds from the? conflict regions of war-torn Sierra Leone were used to fund and finance the countrys 12-year civil war. With interviews from Government Ministers? and Rebel Leaders, this documentary exposes the rampant destruction of civilian? life and unravels a complex web of government corruption and international? hypocrisy. The documentary takes us on a journey from? amputee camps to the Rebel RUF stronghold in Kono, where Ishmahil Blagrove, the? first journalist allowed to visit and film the region, exposes how the rebels? organise their mining operations and smuggle the diamonds into government-held? territories for international export.
    Hip hop artists Nas has done some music for this documentary.
    (Another new one from

    110 Morningside
    110 is an intimate documentary that explores the home of legendary "Last Poet" Abiodun as he mentors and inspires other artists from his home in Harlem. The film is about a space where, on Sunday evenings, poets and artists come to flow, removing the filter between the head and the heart to spin rhymes and play music. The film focuses on one Harlem apartment as a cultural place that attracts, poets, musicians and wanderers. The artists of 110 Morningside represent the radical, non-commercial edge of this movement. They meet intimately in a living room and express their 1st amendment rights without fear of misrepresentation, censorship or racial bias.

    (1min 13secs) Streaming trailer:

    Sun Dogs
    OCHO RIOS, JAMAICA -- (Market Wire - Mar 09, 2006) --? Danny Melville, founder and chairman of Chukka Caribbean Adventures announced today that Palm Pictures had acquired the worldwide rights to "Sun Dogs," a documentary feature chronicling the struggle and adventure of the founding of the Jamaica Dogsled Team. The deal was negotiated by Chris Blackwell, CEO of Palm Pictures, and David Koh, head of acquisitions and production for Palm Pictures, with Andrea Stewart the film's director and producer, and Melville who is executive producer. Palm Pictures will finance the project currently in production in Jamaica, and Stewart plans to premiere "Sun Dogs" at the Toronto Film Festival, September 7, 2006.
    The feature follows the canine crew from their native country to the 2006
    U.K. championships in Scotland. Currently in production, the film paints a
    portrait of the human support team that champions the dogs, from Buffett to Devon Anderson, known as Jamaica's "Dr. Dolittle." It also chronicles the
    trials of stray dogs whose only chance at survival is getting off the
    country's tough streets and onto the team.

    The Mother of Invention: The History of Jamaican Music
    Ondi Timoner is working with Palm Pictures founder Chris Blackwell on a history of Jamaican music, "The Mother of Invention." (She also is optioning a script about a boy and his father figure in Jamaica).
    (Still filming but should be out soon)
    Ondi Timoner and Sundance Film Festival

    Who Shot the Sheriff? - Directed By Alan Miles
    (not to be confused with "I shot the sheriff" marley film)
    Tells the story of one of the most exciting mass movements in British history.
    The film itself features interviews and unseen footage of artists from the Rock Against Racism (RAR) movement of the 1970s and the Love Music Hate Racism (LMHR) movement today including The Clash, The Libertines, Misty In Roots, The Specials, Ms Dynamite and Pete Doherty.
    The film tracks the rise of racism and the National Front in Britain during the 1970s?and how a generation, black and white, fought back against the Nazi threat. It includes lots of rarely seen archive footage from the punk and RAR era.This includes the famous 1978 Carnival in east London?s Victoria Park where 100,000 marched to the show headlined by The Clash and Tom Robinson Band.
    As well as documenting a great political and musical movement, Who Shot the Sheriff? links the struggle to stop the National Front in the 1970s with campaigns like Unite Against Fascism aiming to stop the likes of the fascist British National Party gaining ground in Britain today. (Out Soon)

    "About the JA sex trade in negril", excellent documentary, by J.Michael Seyfert.
    (The title is a bit misleading, why they named it this i have no idea, as the film focuses more on Rastafari, so definatley one to look out for, really enjoyed this one, but don't expect to find much info on the JA sex trade in this.)

    Reggae Gold 2006:(June 2006)
    includes a DVD with dancehall music videos and a documentary about the reggae gold cover models.

    My Jamaican Diary And Observations
    One thats recently surfaced, not sure what to say about this one, was a little dissapointed with it, basically a film made my someone with footage of his recent trip to Jamaica, aswell as his own personal views on how Jamaicans should be and what needs to be done to make JA a better place, a good attempt but found this one a little boring.......

    Roots Daughters
    This well known documentary among collectors will be re-released August 29th in the US, featuring Judy Mowatt talking about the women of RastafarI

    No Place Like Home - By Perry Henzell
    This film is in fact the 2nd part of Perry Henzells trilogy, The Harder They Come being the first film, i don't thik the 2nd film has anything to do with reggae but we will have to wait and see, where as the first film gives the perspective of a countryboy looking at the city, the 2nd film is from the perspective of a woman from the city and how she sees the countryside. Should be interesting, most of the footage was filmed back in the 70's!! but it never took off due to financial problems, it's due for screening at a film festival later this year, check threads for more info...........
    *Due to be premiered at a JA film festival early december 2006.

    Bob Marley - Bits + Pieces
    New dvd out today in USA, been out scince june in Germany, has a bonus cd, still not too sure whats on this, if anyone knows please post back...........
    ****JUST FOUND OUT****This one is a copy of another well known marley dvd just be repackaged and renamed which i see alot of recently with reggae documentaries, so avoid this one unless u want the cd with it., when i remember the name of the real title i will post back.

    My Brothers Keeper:
    A Film by Paul Campbells film company Colossus, i have no idea what it's about but i guess it will be shot in JA, filming was due to begin in 2005 so not sure if finnished yet, will post up more info as it comes in...

    Ruff'N Tuff: Founders Of The immortal Riddim
    This one looks really special, theres alot of top JA artists from the old days(70's) in this one, going to be excellent, getting screened in Japan this fall, not sure when or if we can expect to see in in the UK but will post back as soon as i know.
    Looks like we will be seeing this for DVD release in the future, a distribution deal is on the cards, will post more as i get it, was screened very recently in japan.
    (Release in Japan 20th April 2007)

    Lucky Dube - New documentary.
    This one has been put out by the AfricanChannel but this is the only place i know that is screening it right now.
    Lucky Dube has achieved international success with his unique brand of African reggae. This documentary chronicles Dube's long and difficult path, from his humble beginnings as a child growing up during South Africa's apartheid era to his current status as one of the African continent's hottest reggae stars. Included are some of Dube's most popular music videos.

    Coping With Babylon - New Documentary (by Oliver Hill)
    Cast: Mutabaruka, Barry Chevannes, Dermot Fagan, Ascento Foxe, Luciano, and Freddie McGregor,Half Pint, Luciano, Prince Emanuel, Morgan Heritage, Fire , Elephant Man, Beenieman.
    Coping With Babylon examines the current state of Rastafarianism as it confronts the biblical city of Babylon as it relates to the Western world.. The film features interviews with Rastafarian leaders including Ascento Fox , Barry Chevannes, Prince Emanuel and recording artists Mutabaruka, Luciano Half Pint, Morgan Heritage, Freddie McGregor, Elephant Man and Beenie Man. The film includes footage shot in Shashamane, Ethiopia in January." (Due out soon....)

    Freddie McGregor Documentary 
    Freddie's First - When Reggae Meets Soca
    *Latest Update.... The documentary will premiere on August 31st.2006
    a reality based, cultural, docu-trip, narrated and partly produced by the 40-year Reggae music veteran, highlights the differences and similarities in culture, history, music styles and carnival traditions between Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago in an effort to educate the viewer and unify the two islands.
    Freddie said:
    "The documentary is about Trinidad and Jamaica as twin islands in the Caribbean, and attempts to highlight similarities in music, culture and so on. We shot scenes in Trinidad, and in Jamaica, we also interviewed personalities like Sparrow, Byron Lee, Kitchener's son, well-known steel pan people, and also visited an AIDS orphanage, the Cyrell Ross home for children." courtsey of   

    Natural Mystic Reggae:
    This is due for release 26th September this year, going to be 2 different films in one box! what a nice surprise..............(Release Date put back to 2nd Oct.)
    (I've watched the first disc and wasn't as impressed as i thought i'd of been, i actually fell asleep while watching it, maybe thats why i didn't rate it! lots of interviews featuring a walk round kingston 1st,2nd,3rd ave. etc. with Earl China Smith and Kiddus I, they do a tour of all the old famous places where the reggae scene took off, old deralict clubs etc., then an in depth interview with Ken Boothe, will do a proper review when i get chance, i still have disc 2 to watch)

    Link to TRAILER!

    Johnny Was: (90mins) (available in all good dvd stores)
    New film starring Vinnie Jones, Samantha Mumba, Roger Daltry, Lennox Lewis, UK Distributors AV Pictures. Johnny played by Vinnie Jones, leaves ireland to escape his violent past, he hides out in Brixton! in the worlds least safe, safe-house, sandwiched between a Drug Den and a pirate Rasta Radio station. Looks like a great film, has an amazing Reggae sound track, tunes picked by Adrian Sherwood. A Powerful tales of Roots, Reggae and Revenge.
    Watch out for this one......

    Land Of Look Behind: (Release Date 31st October 2006)
    At long last we are now getting a re-release of Alan Greenberg's excellent film, it's great to see all the old ones getting re-released, this should be excllent, widescreen version comes with CD.
    I don't think much of the new cover picture..........
    *Seems to be some delay in this getting to the shops, not sure what the problem is, if anyone has received a copy yet please let us know......
    **Last i heard, Rita Marley has apparently made a fuss about some of the funeral scenes being used which has delayed the whole thing!

    Who Killed Bob Marley?
    Yet another film!! this one looks interesting, i've never heard about a conspiracy theory before but the makers of this film suggest that Bob Marley didn't die of natural causes but was in fact poisoned with cancerous material. This 2hr film goes into detail on the subject, not sure when it's getting released, will post back soon as i find out.........
    **The word is that this conspiracy theory doesn't hold much weight, make up your own minds.........

    Dreadlock Rock:
    Is an intimate diary of one white man's immersion in the music and culture of Jamaica. Jack Miller, a Kansas City singer/songwriter/musician discovered reggae in the 70s, journeying to Kingston initially in 1978, dodging burning tires in the midst of gas riots, to record with luminaries like Sly & Robbie, the Mighty Diamonds, Earl "Chinna" Smith, Fully Fullwood and others.? In Southern California, Jack and groups like the Rebel Rockers and the International Reggae All-Stars were missionaries to Orange County and its environs, helping establish Jah Music as a major force. Moving to the Big Island of Hawaii in the mid-80s, he continued to spread the message. Two years ago he returned to Jamaica and gathered the above mentioned foundation musicians for a new series of sessions, a quarter of a century on.  The result is a moving, 72 minute journey through love-saturated riddim-driven moments, like the impromptu a capella riffing of Fully, Tony and Santa of the Soul Syndicate on "Harvest Uptown Famine Downtown." Also featured are Marty Dread and Willie Nelson, over one of Miller's most pleasing melodies. Like a lucky fly on the wall, we're witnessing along with Jack the joys of discovery, and lasting friendships.
    -Roger Steffens, Founding Editor, The Beat
    ***This film is now completed, and we should see it soon..........

    The Best Of Reggae Sunsplash: (Released October 30th)
    I'm not sure which sunsplashs this will feature, it could be a re-release of the one that came out years ago on VHS which was very good, will post more info as i get it........
    **Also another release@ by the same title but with a bonus cd, released 6th November 2006
    @(pictured below)
    ***The dvd features only clips from 1987 to 1990 i beleive.

    Buume & The Dub Griots Live at Namib Studios
    Not to sure who these guys are, i presume by the name it's some kind of african dub reggae artist, available from Jetstar UK.

    Roots, Rock, Reggae
    We all know Jerremy Marre's legendary documentary by this name, i recently came across this documentary being sold in Japan, it is a re-release of the original and aparently doesn't contain any additional footage like i first thought, but i don't recognise some of them clips in the trailer or some of there screen shots, but was assured it was the same, comes with a poster and written interview with jeremy marre, soon to be re-released in the UK i think. They have certainly promoted this well in Japan with t-shirts, hats+badges etc.
    in the meantime check out the trailer:

    Oku Onuora Documentary (2006 in production)
    There is a documentary in the making about this great Jamaican Dub Poet/Singer, more new as it comes.........
    Due Out Soon......

    Dennis Brown - Remember Me Always (released on 27 November, 2006)
    Tracklisting: 'Have You Ever', 'Stop the Fighting', 'Love Is Never to Say', 'Can't Stand It', 'Love Got a Hold', 'Revolution', 'How Could I Live', 'You Don't Know', 'Ghetto Girl', 'No Man Is an Island', 'Silhouettes', 'Promised Land', 'Whip Them' and 'Wild Fire'.

    Special Beat - Enjoy Yourself [1992] (Released 30th october 2006)
    Formed from members of two of the finest ska revival bands, the Specials and the Beat, the Special Beat toured Japan in 1992. The hits of both bands are featured, including 'Mirror in the Bathroom', 'Do Nothing', 'Save it For Later', 'Concrete Jungle', and 'Too Much Too Young'.

    The First annual Silverback Music Festival (Release Date: 04-04-2006)
    The show boasts an international line up that includes California's golden dub rockers SLIGHTLY STOOPID, Jamaica's finest Reggae DanceHall pioneer BARRINGTON LEVY, New Orleans' Original METERS guitar prodigy LEO NOCENTELLI, Los Angeles's most influential third wave ska funksters FISHBONE, DUBCAT which features members of Sublime/Long Beach Dub Allstars, and Hepcat joined by Roots Reggae favorite HALF PINT, and lastly the spiritual acoustic soul of Bermudan born singer songwriter MISHKA.

    Bob Marley & Other Reggae Stars - Reggae's Got Soul (May 2006?)
    Twelve videos for classic reggae tracks are contained on this compilation, includes:
    1. Burning Spear - Jah Is My Driver
    2. Third World - Now That We Found Love
    3. Black Uhuru - Solidarity
    4. Aswad - Chasing For The Breeze
    5. Bob Marley - War; No More Trouble
    6. Linton Kwesi Johnson - Di Great Insohreckshan
    7. Toots And The Maytals - Reggae Got Soul
    8. Sly & Robbie - Boops (Here We Go)
    9. Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra - Minnie The Moocher
    10. Benjamin Zephaniah - Us An Dem
    11. Burning Spear - Recall Some Great Men
    12. Bob Marley - Could You Be Loved

    We Run Tings, Tings Nuh Run We (Released:Nov 07, 2006)(Palm Pictures)
    This is a 3x dvd box set of 3 well known Jamaican Films, all well worth watching if you haven't already seen them. Third World Cop, Dancehall Queen + Countryman.

    Bad Brains Live @ CBGBs 1982 (release date:September 19th, 2006)
    On Christmas Eve 1982, Bad Brains began their three-day stint at a Hardcore Festival hosted by legendary CBGB. This DVD represents the very best of these shows, culled from over 4 hours of footage.

    Denroy Morgan: The Birth Of A Ministry(DVD+CD) (Released: 22/08/2006)
    Live performances by Morgan Heritage Family, LMS, Princesss Menen, Clifford Branch, Glenda Phillips, Empress Trejah, Cedric Brooks, Kenya Judah.

    A documentary is in the process of being made about the band.

    A Drop Live - Winston McAnuff (Released: Dec. 2006)
    New dvd by ex black kush band member Winston McAnuff.


    Rude Buay (AKA) Rude Boy(2007) (Still in Production)
    An exciting new film which is in production which includes Barrington Levy, Kymani Marley plus lots more big names, produced by non other than Guy Ritchie, madonna's ex! you can actually vote who they choose to play which role!! to place your vote and get the chance to win a part in the film go to:
    A drug bust in Miami involving three women leads ex-con, DEA Agent Rude Buay, and his team to Jamaica. Deception sets in as the women break out of prison in pursuit; while Drug Lord Axel James escapes from Jamaican prison and clashes with the agents before fleeing. Chaos intensifies as five government officials and one agent go missing, and many kids die off like flies.

    The Upsetter: The Life & Genius of Lee Scratch Perry
    Now here's something special, just heard about this one today, a new documentary all about the Geniues Lee Scratch Perry the original son of thunder, due out soon........more news as it comes......
    Watch the trailer here:

    Bullwackie In New York (Released 9th Nov.2006)
    At last this excellent documentary which was once very hard to find has now been re-released, great news for all you reggae film collectors.
    1 hour-long documentary featuring Bullwackie himself discussing reggae music surrounded by the impossibly hardcore New York of the 1980's - beautifully shot and featuring full-on soundsystem action and a soundtrack that takes in everyone from Horace Andy through to Love Joys, Jah Batta, Milton Henry and an incredible Sugar Minott skanking in a basement.

    Legends Of Ska: (The Movie)
    New documentary all about Ska, looks excellent, can't wait to see this, it's amazing the amount of new reggae documentaries we have for 2006, what a year, just hope 2007 brings the same!
    The documentary featrures Stranger Colde, Patsy Todd, and tells the Ska story, In the summer of 2002 over 30 artists from the original Ska days gathered in Toronto for a reunion, there stories are filled with joy, sadness, hope and dreams..........

    Garnet Silk And Friends Live 
    (Released 27th Nov.2006)
    One of the most influential Jamaican artists since Bob Marley, Garnet Silk is captured live in concert with Sanchez, Wayne Wonder, Tony Rebel and Jack Radlicks.

    Reggae Salute 
    (Release Date: 15th Jan.2007)
    A live concert featuring sensational beats from Junior Tucker, Baby Wayne, Leroy Smart, Jack Raddics, Chaka Demus & Pliers and Professor Nuts.

    Beats Of The Heart - Roots, Rock And Reggae  
    (Release Date: 12th March 2007)
    I presume this is the re-release of Jeremy Marre's classic documentary, which was recently re-released in Japan, will add details as i get them.

    Dennis Brown - Live In Montreux [1979] 
    (Release Date: 9 Oct 2006) cd+dvd
    This one has been available for some time now but this release comes with a cd and new cover.

    Fire Burn Babylon (2007)
    New documentary still in production, is the story of how Montserrat’s agrarian Rastafarians adjust to life in England after the Soufriere hills eruption devastated the volcanic island. Personal stories show how rapid displacement and resettlement of the isolated Rasta community caused a crisis of belief and identity.

    Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars
    Checkout this great new documentary.......
    "This award winning film chronicles the life of Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars, a group of six Sierra Leonean musicians who come together to form a reggae style band while living as refugees in the Republic of Guinea. Forced from their homes in Sierra Leone, the members of the band represent the thousands of untold stories that exist amongst the survivors of the Sierra Leonean civil war."
    Watch Trailer:

    In The Beginning - Vol. 2:  
    2004/2005 Montreal International Reggae Festival                
     (Released: Dec.05, 2006)
    The second volume featuring the 2004/2005 reggae festival..........

    Shottas (Special Edition)
    (Released: 2nd Jan. 2007) DVD)
    At last a decent quality copy of this film will now be available, starring Ky-Mani Marley+more...

    Wild On Jamaica: Hedonism Style 
    (Released: December 19, 2006)
    Dvd about one of JA's hedonism resorts........

    Authentic Reggae Music Videos Volume 1  
    (Released: 8th Aug. 2006)(60mins)
    "Music and image meet in a celebration of Island music in this collection of exemplary reggae music videos. The irresistible beats and lyrics are provided by such artists as Shaggy, Beenie Man, Richie Spice, Wayne Marshall, and Fantan Mojah."

    Authentic Reggae Music Videos Volume 2  
    (Released: 8th Aug. 2006)(60mins)
    "This collection of music videos boasts a selection of work from the hottest artists around, including Fantan Mojah, Bling Dawg, Capleton, Sean Paul, and Elephant Man."

    Black Uhuru & Other Reggae Rebels
    (Released: November 7, 2006)(50mins) (Koch Vision)
    "Black Uhuru are one of the greatest names in reggae, and are frequently cited as one of the band's who helped define the genre. This release includes performances from Black Uhuru and a number of other reggae artists."

    Reggae Heroes (Released: Aug. 8th 2006)
    "This collection of reggae classics features work from some seminal artists of the genre, including Sugar Minott, former Black Uhuru members Junior Reid and Michael Rose, Johnny Clarke, and Yami Bolo."

    Reggae: Crucial Elements
    DVD+CD (Released: December 19, 2006)
    I'm really annoyed with this dvd and the other ones in the set below, you would think you where buying unique dvds to this dvd set but no, they are just putting in previously released dvds in these box sets but not making this clear on the dvd case! it's a bad sales technique if u ask me and definatley win no points with me for these 2 dvds sets, others in the collection include the Show Me Your Roots boxset, and The Christmas Story, In The begining 1+2. Just be careful when buying for these guys as u may get a surprise when u open the box! 
    The DVD in this box set is"Montreal Reggae Festival: In The Begining Vol.2"

    Reggae: Essential Selections
    DVD+CD (Release Date: January 9, 2007)
    "This reggae collection features tracks by Freddie McGregor, Sugar Minott, George Nooks, Morgan Heritage, Luciani, and Black Uhuru."
    The DVD in this is simply "Sessions From The Vaults Vol.1" this says alot about the company putting these dvds out.

    Manchester Fiesta Vol.1  
    (Release Date: 9th Jan. 2007) (also had 24th Oct.2006 as a date!)
    Features live performances from Chuck Fender, Capleton, Red Rat, Professor Nuts+more......

    Manchester Fiesta Vol.2 (9th Jan.2007)
    Features live performances from Sizzla, Cocoa Tea, Tony Curtis, Thriller U + more......

    Adao Negro: Ao Vivo Na Republica Do Reggae  
    (Released: Aug.26th 2006)
    I think this is some Brasilian reggae band but not 100% sure....

    Reggae Campfire 2005 (Released: 19th Dec.2006)
    Reggae Campfire has become one of the most anticipated events of the year. Every New
    Year's Eve Jamaica celebrates in St.Catherine with the best reggae performers showcasing
    their talents for thousands to enjoy. Features: Sizzla, Vybez Cartel, bounty Killa, Capleton, Anthony B, Wayne Marshall, Lexus, general Degree, Ronnie Twaite+more.....

    Haven (Released: 26th Dec.2006)
    A great new film set on one of the carribean islands, has a great reggae soundtrack, check out the trailer here:

    Trenchtown: the Forgotten Land (By James Ewart)
    Nice new documentary which was screened in Bostons Film festival eariler this summer, covers Kingstons notorious gun problem, looks great, checkout the trailer:


    Gloria To Gloriana - By Lenne Little-White(2006)
    A new film by JA's Lenne Little-White, The film, based on the true-life story of Montego Bay hotelier, Gloria Minto, a 2005 Jamaica Observer Business Leader Award nominee, the film meanders through the trials of a young girl who became pregnant at sixteen before joining the ranks of higglers selling oranges in the Montego Bay market.
    Has been released on dvd in Jamaica, and is available from most good jamaican film suppliers.....

    ROOTS TIME - By Silvestre Jacobi (Out Soon...)
    A wicked new film about two rastas, Jah Bull + Baboo who sell records out of a car, all filmed on location in JA, a great road movie, looks very interesting, and lots more promising films comming from the same people. The dvd release will also feature 2x extra documentaries, one on the making of the film roots time, and the other being the short documentary "Rastafari" mentioned below.
    **Sadly Jah Bull died shortly after making the film and the film has been dedicated to him.

    RASTAFARI: The Journey Of JAH People - (Silvestre Jacobi) (Soon Come...)
    Another great documentary about Rastafari, featuring Jah Bull and Baboo from Roots Time. Reveals the history, beliefs and reality of RastafarI.
    To be included as an extra on the Roots Time dvd.

    (Dir.Silvestre Jacobi, Hassen Balut + Narr.Carlos Paez Vilaro)
    A documentary from Uruguay, 54 mins long, looks at the lifestyle of an Afro-Uruguayan culture present in Montevideo, the cities capital. This culture comes from African slaves that were brought to the coast of Rio de la Plata, they now live in a very particular environment of music and dance. This film gets deep into the world of these people.
    Available on DVD

    Shotta Girl - A Clarence Royes film
    This one has been out a while for all of you who are Clarence Royes fans u will know that this is part of the Crime Squad series, this DVD seems to have been officially releases recently although was made some time ago but can be very hard to find, all the films in the Crime Squad series are very low budget films made by JA film maker Clarence Royes who is also responsible for "Let Off Something", Reggae Greats Vol.1+2 + more....

    Dread Beat An Blood - By Linton Kwesi Johnson(1978)
    (Dir.Franco Rosso)(45mins)
    This is an old documentary from 1978, directed by the maker of the cult movie Babylon, this dvd has recently been released in Japan, not sure wether it will end up on sale in the west but i'm sure it will. There's also an album by the same title from Linton Kwesi Johnson who features in this film, if you see this film on sale, buy it! a real classic. I seem to remember that this film was banned in the UK upon it's original release, will have to try and get some more info on this.

    Show Me Your Roots! (Due For Release: 27th March 2007)(CD+DVD)
    A new CD+DVD set due out in March from Keeling, features Freddie McGregor live, also Gregory Isaacs, Luciano, Buju Banton.......
    My original info tells me this dvd was put out by keeling but i've scince seen this one over at suburban fever which makes me a little weary of this one.

    Rastafarians And The Mystique Of Bob Marley
    Released in Japan back in November 2006, this documentary has been floating round on file share networks for some time now and is worth picking up...........

    Black Uhuru Live in London
    This dvd seems to have poped up recently, not too sure on release date but it is out in the shops.....

    Melodius Riddim (Japan)
    Another dvd released in Japan recently, i've decided to add these japanese releases as they are all relevant, not too sure what it's about! but you will need to use a website translator to get any of these japanese releases listed.....

    Japan Sound Quake  (Japan)
    Yet another Japanese release, you will have trouble finding it in the west, is a great dvd, some of the sound systems they have in Japan are huge! well worth buying this one, if only to see the huge speaker walls in action.

    Cyan Stop De Dance (CD+DVD)(Jap.release)
    A Reggae music documentary, more info as it comes in...........

    Reggae Movie Collection (Jap.Release)
    Trilogy box set, on sale in japan, contains: Harder They Come, Countryman + Reggae Inna Babylon

    Dub Poetry: The Life And Work Of Malachi Smith
    New Documentary on the way soon all about the life of Dub Poet Malachi Smith, premiers in florida 22nd February 2007. (Trailer comming soon...)

    Wheedle's Groove 
    For all of you Soul fans, a documentary uncovering Seattle's Soul Funk past. Film is still in production, 
    (If you have records, posters, flyers, memories to share, etc about the soul and funk scene in the 60s and 70s around the Pacific Northwest, Contact Jennifer.) 
    View Trailer: windows media- low res

    Jamaica To Toronto
    News of a new documentary in the making, which covers Toronto's links with Jamaica, focusing on JA musicians who helped build Toronto's music scene, including Jackie Mittoo, Noel Ellis+many more......
    What started out as an audio project has now turned into a documentary, great news.
    There is already an audio cd available with music from featured musicians, available online, 
    Click picture for CD info and audio preview:

    The Harder They Fall (To Be Confirmed)
    I've heard rumors of a new film in tribute to the original The Harder They Come, the film will be based on the original and include many of the original actors in some form, the lead roll will be Ivans son, which may be played by Jah Cure. Trevor Rhone and Perry Henzell where closely consulted to have there ideas put forward. The film is to be directed by Chris brown director of Third World Cop and Dancehall Queen. The title is not yet confirmed and i have no official info on this film, so will post back up soon as i hear anymore about this. 

    Roots Reggae: The Ernest Ranglin Story(25mins)(2006)
    A new documentary covering the life of the legendary reggae artists Ernest Ranglin, the doumentary is 25mins long and includes extensive interviews, also featured in the documentary are Chris Blackwell, founder of Island Records, Monty Alexander, Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare and Damian and Stephen Marley.

    Reggae Vintage Sound(DVD+CD)(Released:04/10/07)
    The third release in the series this DVD contains a concert performance from Reggae's legendary icons, Buju Banton and Wayne Wonder. CD artists include Johnny Osbourne, Burning Souls, Len Hammond, Frankie Paul, Pam Hall and Sanchez. 
    Again be carefull with these dvds from suburban fever as u may find another dvd inside which has been released under a different name, i think it's just there marketing strategy! I have no idea what dvd is really in this set as i wont be buying it to find out.

    Revenge Of The Lost Idol
    New film out of JA, due to start production in June, featuring Countryman. 

    The Streets To Africa - Richie Spice(CD+DVD)(Released 20th Feb.2007)
    Born Richell Bonner, Richie Spice hails from a musically successful family. This deluxe DVD includes a full documentary of Richie chronicling family upbringing, the Fifth Element musical camp, the Jamaican cultural landscape, and how Richie Spice adapted to become a star. Also included are music videos of his hits and live concert footage from his summer 2006 European tour.

    Earth Day Celebration: Reggae Tribute to Garnett Silk(74mins) (Release Date:15/05/2007)
    Finally a Garnett Silk DVD, i know alot of people will be very happy to see a Garnett Silk dvd, filmed live in 2003, can't wait for this one........ "This extraordinary footage from Garnett Silk's Earthday Bash 2003 features Ras Fire, Doniki & Steady Ranks, The Rastareens, Edi Fitzroy, Aaron Silk, Anthony Cruz, Lehbanculah, Chuck Fendah, Richie Spice, Dj Kentaro, LMS, Turbulence, Lukie D, Ras Shiloh and Sizzla Kalonji. As one of the most exciting young talents from the '80s dancehall scene, Garnett Silk began his career as a child toaster, but ended it as one of Jamaica's most astonishing singers; with a rich and emotive voice. However, his career was cut cruelly short by his death in 1994. The Garnett Silk Foundation coordinates the Earthday Bash annually to honor his name and celebrate his music."

    Rock Milestones: Legend (Released: 15/05/2007)
    Yet another Bob Marley DVD, i have no idea if this is the Legend dvd that we all know or if it's a different dvd all together, will post more info as i get it.

    Music in Review (Released: 03/04/2007)(DVD+Book)
    (Release Date has changed to: 12th March 2007)
    This one sounds very interesting. "The DVD features a wealth of rare archive film of Bob Marley himself and in-depth interviews with Rita Marley and Ziggy Marley - his wife and son, along with Dennis Morris, the photographer who produced so many iconic images of Bob from 1973 to his death in 1981. This penetrating critical analysis draws on archive footage of Bob Marley and the Wailers in performance, from the first steps in the clubs and bars of Jamaica to worldwide superstardom. The deluxe 72 page book features a full autobiography of the man himself and a comprehensive review of every studio album produced, along with a collection of rare full colour photographs."

    Marley Days (2xDVD's) (Released: 06/03/2007) 
    This annual festival in February is the event that officially kicks off the California Reggae Days festival season. This DVD contains some of the festival's best offering from Capleton, Luciano, Barrington Levy, Gregory Isaacs, Eek A Mouse, Junior Kelly, Mikey General, and Don Carlos.

    Dancehall Draft Picks (Released: 06/03/2007)
    "This set includes a cutting edge DVD documentary and blazing dancehall compilation. Get the first look at the up & coming Jamaican artists, meet the producers & artists running the underground dancehall scene in interviews & recent performance clips, and get exciting behind the scenes views on lcation at studios and live performances. The CD includes 2 tracks each from featured draft picks. Artists include Daseca, ZJ Liquid, Marc Pinnock, Richie Feelings, John John, Jam 2, Tony Matterhorn, Mavado, Hollow Point, Aidonia, Bounty Killer, Busy Signal, Mr. Pepper, Ward 21, Kiprich & Chico, more." - MVD

    Reggae Salute (Released: 12th Jan2007)
    A live concert featuring Junior Tucker, Baby Wayne, Leroy Smart, Jack Raddics, Chaka Demus & Pliers and Professor Nuts.

    Beats Of The Heart - Roots, Rock And Reggae
    (Released:12th March 2007)
    Yet another release of this classic reggae documentary, it was re-released in Japan not so long ago with a different cover, i'm not sure if this release contains any extras but would be nice. If you've not seen this documentary yet then buy it, it's a real classic packed full of nice footage.
    You can also find all the other dvds in this series all by Jeremy Marre, there are some great world music dvds in the set so look out for them.

    Elephant Man Live (Released: 15th Jan.2007)

    P.J. Patterson: Fulfilling A Legacy Of Leadership(73mins)
    (Due for release sometime in March)
    "The documentary chronologically retraces Mr. Patterson's(Jamaica's 7th prime minister) life, starting with his early days in rural Hanover. It examines the promise he showed as a political administrator during his years as a student leader at the University College of the West Indies (now University of the West Indies), and his rise up the PNP ranks.
    Comments on Mr. Patterson the Prime Minister and Caribbean statesman come from former Cabinet colleague Burchell Whiteman and Guyana President Bharrat Jagdeo. Former Prime Minister Edward Seaga and PNP stalwart David Coore were also interviewed."

    Matisyahu - A Short Documentary by David Baugnon
    This one has been out a while but is now out on dvd so thought i'd add this one to this list, it's a very short documentary about the Jewish reggae artist Matisyahu, 
    checkout the film trailer HERE
    Also available on DVD, click HERE for details.
    For more info on this film go to: 

    Keep on Moving: The UB40 Story 
    Documentary by Tom Jordan, this is a one hour
    film by Executive Producer and Journalist Tom Jordan. It’s an in-depth look at
    reggae band UB40.
    Keep on Moving looks at UB40’s 28-year history, career, discography, live
    performances and impact on today’s music. It features intimate interviews with
    every band member as they were finishing up production on their current album,
    Who You Fighting For?, and as they were preparing for a concert at London’s
    Royal Albert Hall. Keep on Moving follows the band in-studio, during rehearsals
    and live performances.  
    Keep on Moving reveals the inner workings of the band; their struggles,
    tragedies and dogged pursuit to spread reggae music around the world. 

    More Fire
    A new dancehall documentary in the making by Roan Films, this one looks very interesting, it will look at how reggae went from small island to world wide.
    More info due soon.....

    New Documentary about RedsWonder
    Below is an outake featuring Natty King from an upcomming documentary by Petrus Bergstrand about the Jamaican artist RedsWonder, the previously unknown artist has just signed to a swedish record label.
    Checkout the website for more info: 

    TOUR - A documentary by Josh Davi's (2005)
    This isn't a new film, it's been out 2 yrs but thought it would be of interest.
    A documentary/film about the SKA/Roots bands Radiation Kings and King Django.
    "What do you get when you mix two handfuls of barely legal ska rockers with 4,000 miles of van lockdown, gas station burgers and mattress substitutes? This is Tour--the real life documentary of King Django and The Radiation Kings, a roots ska ensemble ready for their big break. Tour chronicles the trials of this family of friends as they travel from New York City to the southern tip of Florida and back. Loneliness and life ambitions take a beating, and all that they take from the road must come home with them."
    Available on DVD HERE

    On The Road With Causion
    New documentary about Reggae artist Causion, 
    "The documentary is airing now in Hama TV on the Island of Antigua (Causion's Homeland), it's a 6 episode effort that documents Causion's latest US Tour. It contains exclusive interviews, live perfomances and a bunch of cool, positive images and beats." 
    Dir. Hugo Tabares

    The Ghetto Outcry  (Comming soon.....)
    "documentary about Jamaican politics, poverty, violence, and the growth of political reggae music through influential stars such as Bob Marley. Directed by Justin Nethercut."
    -Zupo films

    Taking Over
    New documentary about the Reggae/Ska band King Blues.

    Music is The Most High 
    Documentary about the band Groundation, following there 2005 tour, due for release soon.
    Watch the trailer HERE

    Reggae Explosion 2003 (Released: May 1st 2007)
    New dvd from mbig music, features: 
    Spragga Benz, Ky-mani Marley, Merciless, Professor Nuts And many more...
    For video previews click HERE