Monday, October 15, 2007

FireFly Films

I've been wanting to showcase some of the new films comming from FireFly films for a while now, and i think here is the best place to do it so here are trailers from a handful of the films from this unique Jamaica film company, not to be confused with several other film companies going by the same name! i will add some info on these films and add more of there films with trailers shortly.

Better Mus Come

A political Drama by Storm Saulter.

A comedy written and directed by Nile Saulter.

A new comedy from director Joel Burke.


The above films have not been officialy released on dvd and i don't know of any plans for a dvd release but i am trying to get more info on this. I'm sure they will become available at some point. All of these films have premieried at the Flashpoint film festival in Negril which was setup by the founding member of Firefly films - Paul Bucknor. The next Flashpoint Film Festival takes place in March 2008 and submissions are being taken right now.


"Firefly Films was born in 2002 when Creative Director, Paul Bucknor started production on 'Goathead', a romantic comedy, written and directed by Bucknor, set in rural Jamaica. With the need for post-production facilities for 'Goathead', construction of Firefly Studios in Mount James, St Andrew, was initiated and was completed in 2003. The Firefly Films team was complete when young Jamaican filmmakers Storm, Joel Burke and Nile Saulter joined as directors.

In 2005, Firefly Films partnered with The Caves resort in Negril and staged the 1st Flashpoint Film Festival, a forum for new Caribbean films, and set about putting together an appropriate programme. With few new local films available, Firefly Films produced three original Jamaican films for the festival: two short films, 'Bad Lucky' (Joel Burke), and 'Forward' (Nile Saulter), and the feature film, 'Twang!'(Storm). 'Goathead' was also premiered at the festival.

Firefly Films plans to produce a minimum of four films per year, every year for the foreseeable future and will premiere their films at the Flashpoint Film Festival. This, they hope, will encourage more Jamaican filmmakers to produce original films each year. "
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  1. > i don't know of any plans for a dvd release
    > but i am trying to get more info on this.
    > I'm sure they will become available at some
    > point.

    Hope so. All these interesting films getting made and we never get a chance to see them.

  2. I agree, it does make you wonder why they haven't been made available or released. I know they spent alot of time working on the trailers which are very nice, but why haven't the films been released on dvd if nothing else, i hear they plan to produce 3-4 films each year yet i'm unsure how they can manage this if they've not yet released any of them, hopefully we'll get to see them at some point.

  3. Any updates as to whether any of the above films have been released or distributed outside of Jamaica. They all look well done and interesting.

  4. Still no release out side of Jamaica, it does make you wonder why this is, i'm sure they must have tried hard to get them released.
    I know Better Mus Come did a few festivals but didn't hear anything great about the film, but baring in mind these are the first feature type films they've done so i'm sure we'll see some good things from them in the future.