Wednesday, October 10, 2007

RARE Bob Marley Footage on EBAY

Some rare Bob Marley footage has appeared on ebay, known as the Tanza footage. Produced by filmmaker Clive Davidson, it was shot in 1975 at the Manhattan Center in New York using three 16mm film cameras. with a starting price of $10,000 and an unknown reserve amount, we can only guess what this will fetch but unfortunatley without the Marleys estate permission to use the footage i doubt the film will be of any commercial use, and permission from the marley estate to use film like this is going to be very difficult to get going by past attempts. There is a low quality version flying round on bit torrent so the description says! if it's the one i'm thinking of it's been around in low quality for a long time, will be interesting to see how much it goes for, link below:

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  1. I have scince learned that there are no rights whatsoever that come with this film so it's basically of little commercial value unless permission for use can be obtained from the Marley estate. So i guess that makes it a very expensive film! I hope it finds a good home.