Saturday, December 08, 2007

Jamaican TV - Worldwide Revolution

A new TV Network has just had it's launch party in the US, Irie TV is the first Jamaican TV network of it's kind and will enable viewers all over to world to tune in to well known Jamaican TV stations via either there Computer or there TV via a set-top box available from Irie-TV.
They have teamed up with HYPE TV, RETV, TVJ to name a few and will be making these channels available to us all.
Up until now the only way most of us in the west could get Jamaican TV is by using websites like who do subscription packages on some of the Jamaican tv channels but the quality of the picture is poor, they were hoping to work on getting a better picture but now we have Irie-TV which will be excellent quality.
So for all you Jamaica TV fans this is the best news in a long time, as from April 2008 you should be able to watch all your favourite Jamaican/Carribean tv shows and listen to radio stations online or via your set top box.
The Irie TV Network will grant subscribers access to Caribbean television channels, premium on demand, video on demand, and spotlights; as well as provide the added convenience of 24 hours a day account access from their television screen, year round!
(Service Launches Mid January 2008)

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