Friday, December 28, 2007

New Lucky Dube Documentary in Production....

A new documentary is now in production, it shows the big influence that Lucky Dube and his music had on South Africans and the Rest of the World. The documentary follows Lucky Dube's eldest son, Thokozani, as he travels to Jamaica in search of his fathers Reggae roots.
During his journey in Jamaica he meets up with musicians Rohan Brown aka ‘Prophecy' and Marlon Decordova(band member) who wrote a tribute song to his father called 'Chance – Tribute to Lucky Dube', they group all end up going back to South Africa with Thokozani(Lucky Dube's son) to pay there respects to Lucky Dube's passing and to his family.
Prophecy, together with band member Marlon DeCordova and his publicist Teresa Castelluci, have been in South Africa since Tuesday 12th Dec. finnishing filming of there latest music video and the documentary, they leave on 18 December.
One to look out for......


  1. Where do I buy this documentary, pliz?

  2. when is the release date of the documentary? :)

  3. had no further info on this film since we got this news, have not had time to chase it up either. Try google..or the publicist mentioned in the article.. i will post up if i hear anymore about it...