Monday, April 07, 2008

Judgement Street (New Movie)

I forgot to mention this when i got back from JA, but this is a new film from Jamaican film maker Kevin Hume, i met Kevin while in Kingston and got to watch some of his new film.

"Judgement Street is a movie about a Jamiacan 'Kevin Black' who works in a US drug enforcement unit. He is given an assignment to return to his homeland, the beautiful island of Jamaica in the West Indies, to capture and return a man known as the "Dragon" back to the USA. He'll find that apprehending the "Dragon" is no easy task. "Dragon" is a well known drug-dealer, the Godfather of a small town where every kid known how he makes his money, and they depend on him to keep them safe, on Judgement Street. "

The makers of this film also have a film short, titled "Excitement" which they recently entered into the Tribecka Film Festival, and also have a new film titled 'The Last Buccanner' that they are working on so these are ones to look out for in the future.

The film maker is currently looking for support to help him get this film finnished and out there aswell as to get his next film project underway, please contact us via for more info....

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