Monday, April 21, 2008


Just a quick update.....

Winston Jarret DVD
There's a new dvd due to be released in the near future of Winston Jarret, so i'm really looking forward to this one, i can only think of one piece of film around that shows Winston and this is very short, so this will be a real treat, i think it will include a mixture of material from different years but more on this as i get it....

Louder Than Words
This new documentary is near completion so hopefully we will get to see this soon, i suspect it will show at a few film festivals, then lets hope we see a dvd release.

Musically Mad
The great new documentary about Reggae Sound Systems made by 2 Swedish film makers is due to premiere in Bristol,UK this comming wednesday 23rd April at the Cube Microplex, 4 Princess row, Bristol BS2 8NQ, hosted by DJ Stryda also with entertainment starts 7.30pm, tickets available from this will be well worth a trip down there. We should see the dvd release in the near future, more news on this soon.

Get Jamaican TV anywhere in the world!!
I must let everyone know about this great new company called Caribcast, they are the first people to offer a full Jamaican/Carribean TV package via the internet direct to your PC or TV via a set top box. I've been testing out the new JA TV package for the past few months, this consists of 10 Jamaican TV channels plus a load of radio stations. JA TV Packages start at just £5 per month, i took the £10 per month package which gives me these 10x TV channels:
CVM, TVJ, MLM, JNN, CTV, CaribV TV, KaribLink TV, CMM, CaribVision, RETV
So as you can see you get all the JA tv channels plus more that you don't usually find in JA, like CMM from Florida, and KaribLink tv, if you love reggae and dancehall you will love these channels. For years most people outside JA had to rely on friends and family to record TV shows for them but now you can get all these channels live+direct 24/7, the quality is very acceptable, i find that the quality can vary from time to time but most of the channels are just like watching normal TV at home, if you opt to buy the set top box then this will give you a better picture again but alot of people just use a wire to connect there PC to there TV.
There are a couple of other net companies offering JA TV but none of them offer anywhere near this ammount of channels at this price. Plus they are just set to launch a new JA TV package conisisting of 20-30 Channels! these guys are the leaders in JA TV online and the service is set to have a huge impact upon Jamaicans worldwide who will now be able to watch their favourite TV shows anywhere in the world, you can also opt to pay for extra channels not included in your package like HYPE TV.
Anyone interested in this great revolutionary service can sign up via this exclusive link below, if asked for a Ref Code please type in '163' which will help us.

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