Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Jamaican Music Video producer Ras Kassa was recently interviewed on Jamaican TV and spoke of a new documentary he is working on titled 'Rastafari', no explanations on the content needed, i think the title says it all. He also has another film project he's working on but has yet to let out any info on this 2nd film.

New documentary titled 'Living Reggae' is now available on dvd, the film from Spanish film maker Sergio Monleon will be released as 2xDVD and 1x CD set), with concert, documentary and album(+ booklet) the documentary features reggae greats like Dave barker, Winston'Mr.Fixit'Francis, A.J. Franklin, Alton Ellis, Bunny Lee, BB Seaton, Earl Appleton+more.. and is a very informative documentary, also featured is a section on the well established Peckings Reggae Record Store and gives some info on the history of the store, and a surprise appearance from Bunny Lie Lie!
The film is 90mins long and we will have some more info on the film comming soon.

Bob Marley - Get Up, Stand Up - some of you may have come across this dvd put out in France, i'm seeing alot of these Bob Marley dvds which are simply copies of already released dvds, this one is the well known 'Live' dvd which has been around for some time, so don't be duped into buying this thinking it's something new. The only thing on the dvd which i didn't recognise from the original LIVE dvd is the last track titled: Reggae Adventure - Curley David, i've yet to check what this is but it's only 3mins long so i'm not expecting much.

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