Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Just a very brief update, i've not made many entries latley, mainly because i've not had as much time to research as i usually do.

Not sure if i mentioned before but there is to be a sequal to 'Rootstime' which was the feature film from Silvestre Jacobi, for those of you who have seen the movie you will know that the sequal will definitly be something to look forward to. For those who haven't seen Rootstime then you can buy a copy via the japanese HMV website, if you can figure out how to add one to your shopping cart! There should be a European release before too long.

Jamaican film maker Barbara Makeda Blake Hannah has recently started work on her latest documentary which is to be about The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari, focusing on band member Brother Sam Clayton.

There is a new documentary being made about Gregory Isaacs right now in JA, i'm unsure of when we will get to see this but it's not going to be finnished for some time, more on this soon.

I also had news from someone who is working on a documentary about Sugar Minott, so another one to look forward to, again, no more info on this yet, it's still very early stages so will make updates as i get more news.

Rick Elgood is currently making a documentary on JA Reggae Star LA Lewis.

Also a new dvd titled One Drop Reggae is to be released every 3 months, the first is now available via ebay which includes interviews with Ras Kassa(AKA The Guru:).

Films that i am hoping to see completed soon are films like....

'Holding Onto JAH' which i mentioned some time ago,
'Dub Poet: Oku Onuora'
'Rise Up',
'Legends of SKA'
'The Upsetter - The Genius of Lee Scratch Perry', what ever happened to this film i wonder? 'Blessed Streets' from the same guys who put out 'Coping With Babylon',
(i wish Sonerito films would stick a contact button on there website, one that works!)
'Reggae Music The Mother Of Invention' by Ondi Timoner ?,
'Calypso Dreams'?? who knows....
'Burning Spear - The Story of a Living Legend'
'Livicated' - The Bob Marley/Roger Steffens Archive documentary?
'The Bunny Lee Story' by Tom Oldham, i mean where did this go?? i know it got shown.

But as you can see there are alot of films we are waiting to see released, and these are just the ones i can pull off the top of my head, there are lots more, and if i get time i will find out whats happening with them all.

The good news is that we recently linked up with someone in Jamaica who has a catalogue of exclusive documentaries about prominent figures and events in Jamaican history including films about Reggae artists, and Rasta related subjects, we are hoping to be able to offer some of these films forsale on this website soon so look out for this in the future.....

Jamdown, not everyone will know about Jamdown, it was a film made in Jamaica in 1980 by a french film maker, it is one of those films thats just impossible to find a copy of, no one seems to have watched the film or know anyone who has seen it. The good news is that i don't think you will have to wait too much longer to get to see this very rare film at last, I can tell you that is it well worth the wait, the film contains some of the only known footage of the Congos back in 1980, not that long after they made Heart of the Congo's, pictures this: the original Congo's singing Row Fisherman Row in acoustic while sat on the beach, with Cedric Myton's high pitch voice singing 'Keep on rowing your boat' and Watty Burnetts deep voice chanting ' a da best collie in seaport town' with the sound of the waves crashing against the shore! i shall say no more.....

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  1. As far as I know "The Upsetter" is done and should be hitting the festival circuit in the fall. I've seen a screener. I believe it is shortlisted for the Music on Film-Film on Music festival in Prague and In-Edit in Barcelona.