Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Seaview Wars - The Movie

Came across this new film from JA the other day, it's a very low budget film set in Seaview Gardens, Kingston, if i'm not mistaken *Rick Elgood has just made a documentary set in Seaview Gardens so i'm also looking forward to seeing this at some point, i will get some more info on that one soon hopefully. (*sorry rick's film was not seaview gardens but maybe spring gardens)
Anyway, 'Seaview Wars' the title says it all, you can see the guys who made it are youngsters and have put alot of effort into doing this and it's great to see some fresh films comming out of Kingston like this althought i'm personally not a big fan of the content eg.gangs, guns, drugs, shootings, violence, but thats just me, i have plenty of respect for the film and what they are doing.
They have been kind enough to share the film on youtube for all to see, so go check it out,
Hear is the trailer:

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