Monday, October 13, 2008

The Marijuana Affair (1975) - Comming soon........

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 The Marijuana Affair was a film made back in 1975 by Hollywood producer William Greaves & promoter Lucien Chen. The film features Carl Bradshaw, Calvin Lockhart, Charles Hyatt, Ingrid Wang, Evett Hussey, Basil Keane, Ranny Williams and attorney and politician Dudley Thompson. With a jazz score by trombonist Melba Liston.

I've not been able to find much more info about the film but i know it was made in Jamaica and i'm interested in the fact that Carl Bradshaw was in the film, i also know that it was never released properly, i've read that the film was a bit of a rush job and not of the highest quality which is maybe why it was never released.
The good news is that an american distributor has recently announced that they will be releasing the film shortly, so we're awaiting it's release, i will post up any updates hear and when i get a dvd release date it will be posted up.

If anyone has anymore info on this film please post a comment.......


  1. I worked on that movie

  2. Thats interesting, so can you share any info with us?
    What is the film about? was it ever released?
    I'd love to find out more about the film, i've heard no more news on the release of the film but was advertized as due for release this summer.

  3. Iam Sultan, son of Ska Music (Jamaica's Jazz)
    Originator Prince Buster.I also worked on the
    movie "Marijuana Affair" filmed on location in Jamaica circa i975.

    Check out video of Prince Buster and Sultan:,listen to Sultan's new Ska single "Beautiful Angel".
    Please keep abreast as to the release...

  4. Is their anyway to find out who has a copy of this movie and if i could purchase one. My dad did a cameo in it and we are having a 70th birthday party and i know it would make the best gift ever.

  5. I've also been trying to find out more about this film and have failed to find any new info, the people in the US who originally put out the notice saying it was to be released do not reply to any emails i send them, as soon as i get any further info i will post up a new thread about it and reply in the comments here.

  6. If u have any clue as to who may own the film please let me know so i can try and track it down....

  7. The film was released but its life was short.

  8. Would love to know more about this film and find out who currently owns the rights...
    Didn't realized it was released, i heard that it didn't do very well first time round.
    I hope we get to see it again sometime.

  9. I am also trying to get copy I hear that it will be premiered in NY in Sept. I know the producer of the movie

  10. if you do get anymore info on this premiere i'd love to hear more, i am also trying to track down the owner of the film, any idea who this is?

  11. Marijuana Affair will be Premiering at Island Premiere and Review Centre in Ft. Lauderdale Florida for the month of October. 954-327-9744 for info.

  12. I think my late godfather, tenor saxophonist Billy Mitchell was the owner. Was there a showing in October? Any distribution planned?

  13. It seems that Island Entertainment in Florida are the guys who are supposed to be putting out the dvd and dealing with it but i never get any replies when i email them...
    No closer to figuring out who owns the film and no news on the screening my end, i guess someone needs to call the Island Premiere and Review centre for more info on this Us premiere. Please post if anyone heres more....
    I'm also keen to find out more about the film "Every Nigger is a Star" who i think was made by one of the stars of the Marijuana Affair if im correct, i heard that this film was also a big flop but they recently released the films soundtrack, an album of the same title by Borris Gardener, so i wondered if the film may be next?

  14. Palace Amusement company in Kingston Jamaica , might be able to give some info on the film considering they were the ones who distributed it on 35mm film and showed it in their cinemas across the island back them when it was released.

  15. This was taken from an article in the JAMAICA OBSERVER....
    Filmed in Jamaica, The Marijuana Affair was directed by American William Greaves and produced by Jamaican boxing promoter Lucien Chen.

    It starred Bahamian actor Calvin Lockhart, as well as Jamaican stalwarts Charles Hyatt, Carl Bradshaw and Basil Keane. Mark Ricketts, owner of the Island Premiere and Review Centre in Fort Lauderdale, told the Observer he

    bought rights to the film from Chen two years ago.

    The Marijuana Affair was shown at his 60-seater venue in October to enthusiastic audiences. Ricketts commented on Thompson's performance.

    "He didn't have a major role but he did his thing."

    At the time, Thompson was a senior member in the ruling People's National Party, led by socialist prime minister Michael Manley. The Marijuana Affair's plot zooms in on corruption among government officials and high-ranking members of the police force.

    Lockhart, who lived in St Mary for several years, played Richard Farrington, an American detective investigating the drug trade's influence on violence in the country. Early in his career, the charismatic Lockhart was seen in some circles as the next Sidney Poitier. He was best known to Jamaican movie fans for his roles in popular 'blaxploitation' flicks of the 1970s.

    Bradshaw co-starred as Boy Blue, Hyatt played Preacher and Keane had the role of Deacon. Bradshaw and Keane co-starred in The Harder They Come three years earlier.

    The Marijuana Affair had a brief Jamaican run at the Harbour View Drive-in. Ricketts plans to release the film on DVD this year.

    Read more:

  16. Thanks for the info, interesting article, i have had some updates from Stages Cinema in Kingston who will be showing the film soon... i also hear of a dvd release so i'm sure we'll get to see it soon enough... Will post up here when i get any concrete info on screening dates. I tried contacting William Greaves a few years back regarding rights but don't think i got anywhere. From what i hear from those who watched it first time round, the film itself isn't very good and flopped first time round but today the film has much historical value regardless of how good the film is and it may well be more appreciated today plus i'm sure the film was never seen outside of Jamaica or a few US venues when it came out originally so never really got a chance. I for one will be very interested to see this film and so glad that someone has taken the time to re-release. I've been trying to find the owner of the film for years but had no luck...the new article posted above will help so thanks for that but it sounds like they have the plans for the release sorted out now which is great.

  17. The West Indian Social Club of Hartford, INC would be very interested in launching this movie in the New England area. Please contact us at 860 5732988. Thank You!!!!!!!!

  18. The film will be re-premiered in Jamaica at Stages Cinema Thursday June 21 at 7pm... 15 Knutsford Blvd...

  19. Wish i was in JA to see it! any news on the dvd? Glad to hear it's showing and hope the re-release does well. Thanks for posting up the info...

  20. I work for Bob Arum who is in this movie and his family would like to get a copy of it. Please let me know if/when this may be possible. thanks..

  21. Still not released yet as far as i know but it's 'Island Entertainment' in the US dealing with the dvd so u should see it go up on their website forsale soon as they release but been waiting a long time already... i will post up on here soon as i see it's been released, it showed in JA recently so looks like things are now happening with the film, hope we get to see that dvd release. If they decide not to do a full dvd release maybe they can think about a dvd on-demand release to allow us fans to get a copy.