Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Website Update....

At last i got round to clearing up my main home page and doing an About Us page, so you can check the new main page and about us at http://www.reggaefilms.co.uk/ hope u like the tidied up style a bit better than the old one. I'd let it get out of hand slightly and it was looking a bit messy before.

We have a new Jamaican filmography comming soon, just tweaking it, so will put this up soon, it will be a list of films made in Jamaica. We do have a much larger database of films made all over the world but these are being kept for another future project so decided on having a Jamaican film list for now.

The forum is still in place, i've left it there just incase people decide to start using it at some point. I will add to the site as time goes by, thanks to all our suporters who find the info on this website useful.

Have a read of the About Us page to see what we are about, the reggae film archive is the project im still trying to get off the ground, even though we don't have a public building yet the archive is setup and working to preserve and collect old reggae footage.

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