Monday, April 20, 2009

'Sound Hype' - New Sound System documentary in production

A new documentary titled 'Sound Hype' is currently in production.

The ‘SoundHype’ idea originally started as a DVD series intended to display a variety of sound systems from across the globe in their pursuit to becoming the number one sound. The idea was constructed together by three enthusiastic soundsytem/soundclash fans; Jason, Tanya Tee, and Lexi Chow.

"We formed the company 'Musical Rush Entertainment' which then became 'VitalSignz Entertainment' as the idea to make the DVD into a documentary became clear that more people would appreciate this subject matter in a documentary form."

“SoundHype’ isn’t a history lesson about soundsytems yet it is the views and opinions expressed by those who are involved in sound clashing, buying dubplates, and the overall sound system culture. We spoke to David Rodigan, Sir Tommy’s, Mikey Jarret & Rev.Badoo, Ricky Trooper, Dj Khaled, just to name a few. All of who shared their views and opinions on their start in the sound business and what it will take to be a sound system that can contend with the likes of the greatest sound systems in the world. Soundsystems aren’t just ‘hype’; it is a formidable musical force to be reckoned with."

There is no official release date confirmed yet but the estimated time of release is late summer 2009.

We'll post up more info soon as there is any more news on this one..... or you can check for updates on the official website:

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