Friday, June 26, 2009


I've been very busy with various projects latley so not had much time to post up the latest film news but i have plenty of new films to list shortly. Here's a quick summary with more detailed info coming soon........

I spoke with the Congo's on the weekend and asked about the Swinging Bridge DVD which i had made a post about several months back. Watty confirmed that the dvd was due to be released next week, so this is great news for all you roots fans, so watch out fore this one. I will post up the info on where you can get a copy soon as i find out more.

The UK's biggest music festival Glastonbury is underway right now with artists like Steel Pulse, Horace Andy, Iration steppas, Easy All Stars, The Specials+more performing. Some of these will be televised on the BBC or broadcast on BBC radio so look out for these. I have listed a couple of the TV broadcasts i know about over on the Film Releases Blog, which includes The Specials and Madeness. There will be shows on TV each night with highlights of the days events so who knows what they might air.

Who Killed Bob Marley

Remember this documentary that we mentioned some time ago, well i finally got to see a 25min version the other day, i guess this was a preview but it was an animated film in cartoon style! not what we where expecting and wait till you here the voice! Will post up a preview of this shortly.

Freddie's First - When Reggae Meets Soca
We listed this one a long time ago on the old website, but never heard anything else about it. Fortunatley i caught up with Freddie McGregor this weekend and asked about the film, he confirmed that it was complete so hopefully we will get to see this soon.

A new film is being made about homophobia in Jamaica, we'll post up some info on this very shortly.

We also have a new documentary about Usain Bolt and the Jamaican Olympic winners to list shortly.

lots more to come this year with several documentaries due for completion later this year, also a film from Serbia about Bob Marley and a statue that was built to honour him, a new low budget Jamaican gangster film from the US, more news soon.....

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