Saturday, July 11, 2009

'Me & Mi Kru' (13 Part Drama) airs on Jamaican TV

Rick Elgood's 13 part drama titled 'Me and Mi Kru' has recently been airing on CVM TV in Jamaica.

"Following ‘Lime Tree Lane’ and ‘Royal Palms’ reign, it became time for a fresh and contemporary TV drama to hit Jamaican TV screens, this is it.

‘Me and Mi Kru’ tells the tale of a single parent family, mother and son who live in the ghetto of Sea view Gardens, Kingston. The son a wannabe dancehall artist has a group called ‘Innocent Kru’, they are struggling and juggling to get on shows, promote themselves and move ahead in the Jamaican music industry against all the odds. Junior / Hype! ( Benzley Hype!) is an avid buyer of lottery tickets, one day he is annoyed at having the wrong numbers punched by a teller, to his surprise his fate turns and he wins 250 million dollars.
The small family move lock, stock and barrel uptown to a mansion in Cherry gardens, the twist is that they bring their ghetto with them from goats in the yard, mongrel dog that breeds the local ‘pedigrees’.

In further episodes we follow ‘The Kru’s’ journey through the music business and the complications caused by Hype! his mother and their friends in the uptown neighbourhood.
The show is reminiscent of classics ‘The Beverly Hill Billy’s’ and ‘Fresh prince of Belair’, but with a truly Jamaican humour and visual flavour.

Me and Mi Kru is designed and written to attract a wide audience, being visually accessible to all walks of life through it’s humour and likeable personalities, from Mother played by Audrey Reid, ( Dancehall Queen etc.), Professor Nuts ( well known comic / recording artist ) and Lisa Alveranga ( Officer Veranga ) with special guest appearances each week.

Designed to have a run of 13 shows in it’s first season, it will then be produced in further batches of 12. The writing team is the combined talent of a new generation of Jamaican comics.
It is not only directed at the local and Caribbean market but at the International marketplace and therefore has been shot on full HD with production standards not normally adhered to in local programming.

With the huge worldwide interest in and especially awareness of all things Jamaican in culture and music, we expect great success Internationally for this show and it’s sequential series.
It is being Produced/ Directed by award winning director Rick Elgood ( Dancehall Queen, One Love and To be released ‘Surf Rasta’ )."

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