Saturday, July 25, 2009

New film preview from up and coming Jamaican film maker Amaziyah The Great

Now hears a nice video preview of Craig Kirklands (a.k.a. Amaziyah The Great) new film project titled 'Music Over Crime'. This is a low budget production straight outta Jamaica, bare in mind these guys don't have top quality lighting and camera's and this is an experimental film with no scripting to help capture the real life feel to this. The people involved in this film are very enthusiastic about their work and doing a great job of bringing together the local community on their film project. This is just a little sneak preview of some of the early material in the film, we hope to see the completed film early next year.

A Great Amazement Entertainment Production, Created by Craig A. Kirkland a.k.a. Amaziyah The Great
Location: Frazer's Content (Red Pond) Spanish Town, St. Catherine Jamaica. Featuring Gavo Dem, Hector Frass, Key A Fire The Ultimate One, Ise Byrg, Chris Tappa, Don Frisco, Dawitt St. Aubin, Bala Prince, Amaziyah The Great, Richie Antraxx and More...

Music Over Crime is a low budget film, it wasn't officially written but was based on Ideas from Craig Kirkland's mind along with help from the actors in role playing, none of us did rehearsal or went to film school, we are just some everyday people with great talents.

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Anyone interested in supporting this production in anyway, please get in touch. With a little bit of help this project could go a long way. If only their was some help available in Jamaica for these film projects we'd be seeing some great films...

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