Friday, July 31, 2009

New York Premiere of Perry Henzell's "No Place Like Home" 2nd August.

The long awaited second film in Perry Henzell's 'Harder They Come' trilogy will be shown at the Maysles Institute , 343 Malcolm X Blvd. (btw. 127 & 128 ST.), East New York, on the 2nd August, 8pm till 10pm. Along with encore presentations on the 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th August.
In the film 'No Place Like Home' director Perry Henzell returns to the Caribbean paradise which inspired that reggae-infused classic The Harder They Come, to tell this breezy tale of a worldly, New York producer who travels to Jamaica to lens a commercial, only to find her latest production thrown into question when her star player storms off of the set. When the shoot doesn't go as planned and Susan's lead abandons the production, the producer and a local crewman voyage deep into rural Jamaica in search of the vanished actress.
The film was only recently edited together in the past few years. The film which was shot around the same time as The Harder They Come, never got finnished, from what i can recall the tapes ended up in storage but when they went to get the tapes to work on the film it turns out the boxes had gone missing. So all the original film reels had gone forever, but several years back an old dusty box turned up at the back of a store room and where subsequently returned to their rightful owners. This was a great surprise as you can imagine, after all those years they where thought to be lost, never to be seen again, so it was a great surprise to see them returned.
Perry wanted to see the film finnished and managed to find a professional editor to help out the film together. After years of hard work the film is now completed but unfortunatley Perry Henzell passed away before the premiere of the film, but we can all be grateful that we finally get to see this film.
The film should be available on dvd in the future, we will list it in the New releases blog when this happens.
(Photos by Arthur Gorson)

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