Thursday, July 16, 2009

Redemption Of Paradise - New film Feat: Macka Diamond soon due to be premiered.

Director Noel 'Doc' Howell's latest movie 'Redemption Of Paradise' promises to be an exciting thriller to hit the big screens across the Caribbean this summer.

'Redemption Of Paradise' is a movie about vigilante justice set in the beautiful island of Paradise. What was once a safe and pleasurable island has now become plagued with violence, drugs, and gangs. Tired of the corruption that has infested her hometown, one citizen decides to take a stand. Millie (played by dancehall star Macka Diamond) forms a community watch group, which amongst other things encourages the local businessmen to stop paying protection money and to deter the corrupt efforts of Paradise's drug kingpin. The subplot to the movie involves a much younger Millie and a horrible twist to the story begins to unravel.

The Antiguan film, produced by Dr. Howell's film company Colour Bars Film Production, was filmed mainly in Antigua featuring stars from across the Caribbean.
Flying in an international crew to orchestrate stunts, from car chases and explosions, to cinematography as well, the team is now getting ready to premier the movie in Jamaica next month, and Dr. Howell is extremely proud of his latest production, confident that movie goers will love every minute of it.

"'Redemption Of Paradise' will definitely keep everyone on the edge of their seats," said Howell. "It's full of action, has a great story line and the acting is superb, not to mention the directing. It's a fantastic movie, if I may say so myself."

With plans to release the film on a local, regional and international market, Dr. Howell notes that Antigua will be proud of the footage, as the international crew was equally impressed with the country's natural beauty - some stating they'd return for vacation, to shoot marine scenes, and one exploring the possibility of migrating.

Anxious about it's Jamaican premier, Dr. Howell is confident that the movie will be a hit throughout the region, and especially in Antigua and Barbuda.

'Redemption Of Paradise' cast includes - lead Macka Diamond as Millie, Respect as Rogger, Mark as himself, Kevroy Graham as Andrew, Eldon Matrin as Wicket and Junior Hart as Officer.
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