Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Caribbean movie ‘Redemption of Paradise’ premieres in Jamaica this Wednesday

Delivering new Caribbean-based films, production company, Color Bars Production will premiere the high impact action drama movie ‘Redemption of Paradise’ in Jamaica this Wednesday, August 19, at Weekenz in Kingston. Following that, the movie will hit the big screens via Palace Amusement in Jamaica before heading to the box office across the Caribbean and the rest of the world.After its successful run at the box office, director/executive producer Noel ‘Doc’ Howell’s Color Bars Production will release it on DVD and online via Amazon and Netflix.

This gritty new film starring veteran dancehall reggae artiste Macka Diamond, opens the international doors to Color Bars foray into Caribbean filmmaking. ‘Redemption of Paradise’ is the first large scale release for the company which was founded by Howell, who directed and co-wrote the film with producer Courtney Boyd, who will travel to Jamaica for the first time in 20 years for the premiere.

Set in the fictional island of Paradise, the movie chronicles the efforts of Millie, played by Macka Diamond, to take a stand against the corruption that infests her hometown. As the story unfolds, truths are revealed and the once blissful oasis becomes a tangled web of lies, deceit and murder. The film details the struggles in crime ridden communities throughout the Caribbean.

The soundtrack includes title track ‘Paradise Redemption’ featuring Tarrus Riley, Lady G, Barbee, Duane Stephenson and the film’s star Macka Diamond. Despite the challenges, the ability to create and distribute films in today’s economy is important to Dr. Howell.
“So far I have financed all of my projects and expect that ‘Redemption of Paradise’ will open the door to more,” said Dr. Howell.“With major blockbusters like ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ highlighting our naturally beautiful islands coupled with our rich authentic history, I believe there are still more stories for us to share with the world. Who better to tell our story than us? So I encourage all Caribbean people to support each other as we put these films out.”

As a divorced father of two, Dr. Howell managed to juggle fatherhood, working at his medical clinic and attending film school. A graduate of both University of Miami medical school and NYU film school, Dr. Howell grew up in Antigua where his love of literature helped forge his passion for storytelling. A shy and quiet person, his writing became an outlet to share his thoughts and feelings. While he is still a practicing pediatrician in New York City, Dr. Howell desires to also use film making as his vehicle of change and provide a positive voice in the mist of social, moral and financial decay.

“I want to make movies that wake up the conscience of people,” says Dr. Howell. “I like filmmakers like Spike Lee and Quentin Tarantino who are not afraid to let their films have a voice. I want people to reflect on issues when they see my films.”

Dr. Howell has managed to capture this in ‘Redemption of Paradise’, expected to be a smashing success. Several persons, including the production team, artistes and members of the film industry, will be flying in from Antigua and New York for the Jamaica premiere. They will join a host of specially invited guests from Jamaica’s film, music and media industry, among other luminaries, at Weekenz tonight. Following the premiere, Dr. Howell jumps into his next two projects, a reality show called ‘Reggae Buss’, as well as a mini-series called ‘Serious Times’.

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