Sunday, October 04, 2009

Remember the late Mikey dread on UK TV's 'Airline' reality show.

For those of you who never got to see the classic little clip of the late great Mikey Dread appearing on the UK reality tv show 'Airline' then you can get to see a repeat of this show that was originally aired several years ago now.
The weekly series called Airline, follows the staff of some of the UK's busiest budget airlines and their experiences of daily life in an airport, most of which is irate customers who've missed their flights or fishes brought in hand luggage from russia, that kind of thing!

In one episode Mikey Dread happened to be passing through the airport and one of the staff members asks him to sing happy birthday, so for all of you who missed this great clip it's repeating on Wednesday 14 Oct 09, 09:25am, ITV2(35 mins)

"At Luton, Leo Jones deals with reggae star Mikey Dread, who is so late for his flight to Glasgow that the plane has already started its return journey."

If you like Mikey's music then checkout this great radio show special that was dedicated to him when he passed, featuring a compilation from all Mikey's work.

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