Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Update.... Hugh Mundell - Story Of Lovers Rock - Plus more.....

Just a quick update, i've not done one in a long time, have been very busy working on several projects.


First bit of news...A new documentary is currently in production about the late great Hugh Mundell, can you beleive! I was speaking with the producer of the film last week and will seriously be looking forwrad to this film as will many of you i'm sure, although i do wonder where they will find footage of Hugh for the film, i only know of 2 pieces of footage of Hugh Mundell, lets hope they turn up some more. I think we can expect to see this film later in 2010.


New documentary titled 'The Story of Lovers Rock'(2009)(100mins) by Menelik Shabazz premiered in London last night at the BFM Film Festival.

'The Story of Lovers Rock'(2009)(100mins)(Dir.Menelik Shabazz)
Before grime, UK garage or jungle there was Lovers Rock, the first music form created by black Britain and a re-emerging genre of late. Film-maker Menelik Shabazz, writer and director of 1981's award-winning feature Burning an Illusion, charts the rise of 'romantic reggae', giving the historical and political context of the music as much weight as the dance and fashion trends the genre saw rise to. Humorous and insightful comments by Linton Kwesi Johnson, Angie Le Mar and Glenda Jackson perfectly frame a film set to rejuvenate interest in an unjustly ignored musical genre.
Menelik Shabazz charts the rise of Lovers Rock, often dubbed 'romantic reggae', through a rich collage of live performances, archive footage and still photographs.


We're putting on a film screening in Luton 12th & 13th Dec. so anyone in the area please pop down to see us, we'll be showing a selection of Reggae/Jamaican themed films and documentaries, will be advertized in the near future....


Thats all folks.....


  1. Really interested in coming down to watch the film as i wasn't able to get tickets for the BFM showing, but not sure where you will be showing the film! Please update.

  2. we're not showing the Story of Lovers Rock, sorry, the film screening we have on in Luton is going to include: Roots Time, Why Do Jamaicans Run So Fast?, Musically Mad & Trenchtown: The Forgotten Land which will be shown as part of a 2 day Jamaican themed weekend which is due to happen on the 12th+13th Dec. in Luton.

    I'm just waiting on confirmation from the organizers about the event, i hope to have confirmation of the event and details later today.

    We may be starting up a film club sometime in 2010, just need to find a venue but would need to be in the Northwest somewhere or we may run 2 identical film clubs in the north and south. More info on that when it happens...

    Your best bet for The Story of Lovers Rock will be to do a google search, it's bound to be showing somewhere else soon, no doubt we'll see it before long or hopefully see it on TV.