Saturday, December 12, 2009

Watch 'Burning An illusion' free - first major legal film website.....

I want to introduce this new website to you called it is a new site which allows you to watch both free and paid for films legally. These days there are so many illegal pirate websites offering low quality and bootleg videos, they usually come in several parts or can be low quality videos filmed from a cinema seat.

Blinkbox has teamed up with many of the worlds largest film distributors to bring us lots of free films, plus new films which you can rent or download and keep forever.

There is a nice selection of free film and one in particular i wanted to point out to everyone is Menelik Shabazz's 'Burning An Illusion', this film was relased on dvd by the BFI some time ago but dvds tend to be very expensive when you can find a copy, watch this film in high quality for FREE, legally, here:

Take note of the 3 film quality setting options which you can adjust to suit your internet connection.

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