Friday, January 22, 2010

Residents prepare for taste of Caribbean on TV show

21 January 2010 - By Ian Gallagher - Evening Telegraph(Northants,UK)
Eight jet-setting Kettering and Corby residents are set to be given the chance to swap Northamptonshire for the Caribbean and star in a reality TV show.

Corby-based entertainment company No 1 Results Productions is working with Caribbean channel Gayelle Live on a programme called Change Your Life, where eight county residents will swap lives with eight residents of Trinidad and Tobago.

Jobs, families and friends will all be exchanged in the all-expenses-paid week-long experiment.

The home of sporting stars Dwight Yorke and Brian Lara will be the base for the British cast, while Corby and Kettering will be hosting the Caribbean guests.

The producer has chosen Northamptonshire "as a prime example of a modern British society with a fervent touch of Britishness".

Filming is set to start before April and six of the eight Northamptonshire contestants have already been chosen.

An appeal for applicants to fill the remaining spaces is to be made.
Andy Stephenson, 35, of Cheltenham Road, Oakley Vale, is working on the programme for No 1 Results Production as he is originally from the Caribbean.

He said: "The people who go out there will get time to party and explore the island at the end, but the rest of the time they will be living the other person's life.

"I've worked on some fun things before, like music videos, but it's the first time I've done something of this magnitude.

"I think it will be awesome and I'm so pleased the producers have picked Northamptonshire. I've lived here for six years now and there is a perfect sense of community and pride."

Errol Fabien, the show's producer, said: "It is a nice new twist on swapping families.

"It will be great for those who come here to experience the culture and daily routine where it doesn't get so cold."

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