Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Bob Marley footage surfaces....

Some new concert footage of Bob Marley recently surfaced on the internet(dime). The footage is only around 3.5mins long shot with an old super 8 camera back in 1980 in Stockholm, there is no audio to the film but it's interesting that we still get new footage being unearthed even today in 2010, you can view the clip below with some audio from Bob's deeside leisure centre gig dubbed over it.

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  1. 1980.06.17 - Gröna Lund, Stockholm, Sweden

    There is an amusement park by the water side in central Stockholm called Gröna Lund (green grove).

    Marleys popularity peaked this summer and this event became a classic. The pressure at the gates was so big that the authorities finally decided to open all doors or someone would get seriously hurt.

    The official number of visitors is set at 32 000 but who knows really. The place was packed like a japanese subway.

    Maybe the shaky film is caused from dancing but it might as well be impossible to stand still in this packed crowd.

    This past summer Bunny Wailer visited the same stage.