Saturday, April 24, 2010

Milano Film Festival - Call For Entries (Deadline May 31st)

If your looking to enter your film into film festivals this year, why not try the well known Milano Film Festival, i know that they are keen to received Jamaican and Caribbean entries this year.


"We are looking for feature and short films: fictions, documentaries, experimental films, videoart works, animation films, music videos, and much more. Please pay attention: the feature film competition is open only to first and second films."

To submit a film, fill in the entry form online and send us a dvd screener.

Deadline 31st May 2010.

Keep updated on the festival website 

Colpe Di Stato

Dissent and underground information in Burma, the international weapons' commerce, the ecological and socio-political impact of oil refineries in Africa, on-the-job deaths, tortures in Abu Ghraib, the drug market in the third world, new dictatorships disguised as democracies, the water privatization. These are just some themes presented in the films selected for the State (T)error season in the last five years. For the 2010 edition we are looking for these ones and many more.

Deadline 31st May 2010.


Submission forms

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