Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Bob Marley Biopic....

Yet another Bob Marley film....

whats happening with all these films on Bob Marley that we've been hearing about for many years?
does anyone really know?

From what i have heard the Scorsese/Demme film was completed in 2009 but Demme's edit wasn't liked by the backers of the film so it was put on hold, that's the last i heard. As far as the Weinstein film, not heard anything about this one since they first released the news of their new film.....it's still listed on IMDB but no updates...

The latest Bob Marley film/drama is being made by UK Emmy-award winning director Jenny Ash, she is currently working on "a biopic on the life of legendary reggae artist Bob Marley. Deadline reports that the “feature will concentrate on the year Marley spent living in London in 1977. This was a crucial year for Marley. He’d fled Jamaica after an attempt was made on his life; the year ended with him sustaining a soccer injury which eventually triggered full-blown cancer.” Ash, whose two-hour segment of the 12-part America miniseries covered slavery and the Civil War, also sees the movie as a love triangle between Marley, his wife Rita and Jamaican beauty queen Cindy Breakspeare, whom Ash has spent time with in Jamaica. I presume the denouement of that story won’t be about college students who love Marley because he shared their love of getting high."
- Matt Goldberg (www.imdb.com)

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