Thursday, December 09, 2010

'Concrete Jungle' DVD now on sale....

The Jamaican feature film "Concrete Jungle - Kingston 12" is now available to purchase on dvd from the official website at
This a film made by people who live in Kingston 12 and what they have acheived is so much for what little resources they had available to them, we're trying to promote this dvd and get as many sales as we can to help bring in some money for the makers of the film so that they can go on to buy new equipment which will help facilitate their future film projects.

Please take the time to watch the interview on the official website with the films director to learn more about the film.

It's quite clear to many of us that the only way the Jamaican film industry will grow and become prosperous is by Jamaican film fans and the diaspora supporting Jamaican film in whatever way they can whether this is by purchasing genuine dvds and not buying bootleg copies, promoting films or donating money or time to the cause. There are many ways in which we can help the Jamaican film industry to grow but it needs all our support, one of the most detrimental activities to the industry is the bootlegging of dvds, it's very comon to see Jamaican films being bootlegged mainly because there aren't any large distribution networks in place or distributors picking up the Jamaican films so people resport to copying the films but this is only taking money away from the makers of these films and is just one of the many things that hold back the industry. We can help by trying to buy dvds from the official distributor and avoiding bootleg copies.

Please share the website link around and if anyone would like to help the makers of the film more directly then please contact us and we can link you up with the director.

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