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Reggae in the Ruff - UK PREMIER - 8th July - Birmingham

Reggae Film Festival comes to The Drum
The UK's leading Caribbean Arts Center, 'The Drum' located in Aston, Birmingham will be hosting a Best of the Jamaican Reggae Film Festival program of films over 2 days on the 8th+9th July.

The Jamaican Reggae Film Festival is a unique film festival which showcases films focusing on Jamaican culture from film makers all over the world.

Film Program: 

Friday 8th July - 8pm
Reggae in the Ruff  (60mins)  (UK Premier)
Heartland Reggae  (90mins) 

Saturday 9th July - 1pm
Duke Vin & The Birth of SKA (50mins)
Rootstime (77mins) 
Dance For Grace (UK Premier)

The program opens on Friday 8th July with a great new film called "Reggae in the Ruff", this will be the UK launch of the film so catch it while you can, you won't be disappointed...

More about 'Reggae in the Ruff'
Do you remember the power and spirit that Reggae music brought to us back in the 1970's? That torch still burns brightly for a group of elder Rasta hills-men from Nonsuch, Portland, Jamaica. They survive by living close to nature, working the land organically and harvesting wild fruits and bush medicines from the jungle. For over 30 years in obscurity they have also been creating a unique yet familiar style of Roots Reggae music. From the foothills of Jamaica's Blue Mountains, Johnnie Walker and the Disappointers are now stepping out with their powerful and positive music. In a stunning new documentary that examines their natural lifestyle, philosophy and the creation of their music, this genre-busting documentary offers a very realistic glimpse into what it is to be a Rasta elder in the 21st century.

Reggae in the Ruff is directed and photographed by independent filmmaker Don McConnell. It uniquely captures the remarkable beauty of Jamaica, it's fascinating culture and it's hypnotic music. This film blurs the lines between anthropology and music documentary, while staying real and true to the actual story of an intimate group of dreamers who have found true happiness in a “simple” life. Stunning imagery with a soundtrack filled with 'live' Roots jams combined with the realism of witnessing a true story unfold makes this film unlike any other that has come before it.

Raw and rugged yet exquisitely shot and edited in HD with a highly stylized look that at times reminds us of the old classic reggae films. Reggae in the Ruff is destined to become an instant Reggae classic.

“These dreads are not concerned with fame, seeing reggae as a means to spread serious messages. The film shows the group living close to nature, their roots music an honest reflection of their relationship to the soil, while stunning images heighten the startling beauty of the Jamaican hills, the overriding element that inspires their philosophy”. David Katz - Mojo Magazine

(UK Premier)

Dir. Don McConnell, 2011 (60 mins)

Age Certificate: PG


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