Thursday, July 21, 2011

Looking forward to 2012 for the 50th Anniverary of Jamaican Independence

I've recently been looking into the planned celebrations for Jamaica's 50th Anniversary of Independence. I suspected that there would be many events planned as the 40th Anniversary here in the UK had many events and a great TV season dedicated to the 40th Anniversary of Independence, so i wondered what would be happening in 2012.

The 50th Anniversary deserves a big celebration don't you think?  everyone needs to get together as a team and plan for 2012 NOW, so all of you Jamaicans out there, no matter where you are, why not put together a proposal for a local event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Jamaican independence and approach your local council or planning committees. Whether it be a story-telling session, poetry, drumming, dance, a sound system event, a reggae night, an exhibition, a Jamaican food festival or a tribute night to some of those Jamaican role models etc.

2012 will be the year that Jamaica will re-brand itself, after all the negative press over the past several years and documentaries highlighting the high crime rates and news stories highlighting government corruption, this is their opportunity to change things and start a fresh. Expect to see new tourism campaigns and TV ads and documentaries which will show us some of the different sides of Jamaica which most of us don't get to hear about.

It is true that most of the low budget feature films to come out of Jamaica tend to focus on guns and violence, this is because it sells but it does no good for the image of the island. There is so much more that the Jamaican film industry has to offer which films of all genres and in 2012 many of these films will be coming to the UK for all to see, so look out for the many film events next year and if you want to see more events and films like these being made then please make the effort to get up and attend these events and support the industry as this is the only way we are going to see the industry grow. It needs a team effort, the Jamaican film industry is on the verge of a big boom if luck is on our side but it needs the support of the diaspora and all those who love Jamaica so please try to attend these events next year and show the rest of the world what a tribute it is to have film makers from all over the globe come to Jamaica and make films about Jamaican culture. These films need to be celebrated and shown off!! i don't see any other country who has as many films made each year just about their culture, it is a real phenomenon which needs more exposure and research.

If anyone out there would like to set an event up or would like to help or volunteer some time to join one of the existing events then drop us an email  as i am starting to compile a list in order to try and help facilitate the UK events happening in 2012 and will possibly setup a website to link everyone together to make things a little easier for everyone.

If you are a venue or city council who would like to celebrate the Jamaican 50th Anniversary of Independence then please get in touch and i'm sure we can help 

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  1. If you are in New York on August 4, 2012, celebrate Jamaica's 50th Independence with Jamaica's King of Comedy, Oliver Samuels, joined by many of his friends. For more info please check the website at: You can also find more info on Facebook at,