Sunday, October 09, 2011

RED AMBER GREEN - New Film Trailer......

'Red, Amber, Green' is a new film being made by a young Jamaican film maker named Christopher Byfield.
The film is about a group of youths who work at traffic lights selling goods to passing cars, the light colors as we all know as Red, Amber, Green which is also the Rasta colors and also happens to be the names of the 3 youths so you have a real 3 way play on words going on here.
I think the trailer says a lot about the standard of some of the new films being made in Jamaica, they may not be big budget but the quality is getting much much better as you can see.... it's only a matter of time before someone produces the next big hit film outta Jamaica....

"Red, Amber, Green" depicts the lives of three Jamaican teenage boys struggling to make ends meet on the difficult streets of Kingston, Jamaica. Making a living primarily as vehicle window washers when cars stop for traffic lights, they hustle to take advantage of every opportunity, including entertainment. These friends, by virtue of the 'yielding forces' of traffic lights to provide their 'bread and butter', have incorporated these colors into their lives as a quick reminder of how to deal with their daily struggles, including learning and growing from each other, and even finding a way to help those less fortunate.

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