Thursday, May 10, 2012

Best of The Reggae Film Festival - Comes to Birmingham, UK - May 18th-20th

The Jamaican Reggae Film Festival will showcase some of their best film festival entries later next week at 'The Drum' in Birmingham for a very special 'Best of' program. One of the highlights of the event will be the much anticipated Bob Marley documentary 'The Making of a Legend' by film maker Gian Godoy and  Esther Anderson, with a wonderful soundtrack featuring some of The Wailers children.

Most of us will of heard about the new 'Marley' film by Kevin MacDonald, but how many of you have heard about "Bob Marley: The Making of a Legend"?

Both of these films have a common theme which is Bob Marley. One of the films was a big budget production which is probably the biggest Marley film production ever, and the other film a much lower budget, yet both films are equally important and relevant and i tend to think that 'Bob Marley: The Making of a Legend' is of greater historical importance than the big budget film, not that this is a competition but i want to highlight the fact that the new film we're showing next week in Birmingham is of great historical importance to all Bob Marley fans for a very good reason.

All Marley fans will be familiar with the black+white footage that we often see clips of in the numerous Marley documentaries that have been made over the years, we usually get a 10-30sec clip of Bob with friends or him and Esther in the Land Rover and thats it. Well the new Making of a Legend film shows all of this old footage which has never been seen before. For the first time ever Marley fans worldwide will be able to get an up close and personal glimpse into Bob's life just as his friends would see him rather than how a tv camera would see him. We've all seen the many public interviews Bob has done in documentaries and news reels but never before has there been footage of Bob with his friends doing day to day things(filmed by his freinds) available for us fans to view. Esther was very close to Bob at the time the film was shot and it gives the viewer a real sense of what Bob was like as a person, more so than any other Marley film and this is why "Bob Marley: The Making of a Legend" is such an important and significant film. It will be interesting to see how the 2 Marley films are reported on in the press with one being the clear winner when it comes to historical importance and the other being the clear winner when it comes to budget! I hope they both do as well as eachother because they both document a very special person who has really made a huge impact on world music and culture and i'm sure that both films will do a good job of highlighting this fact.

I hope that those of you who are able to make the trip down to 'The Drum' in Birmingham for this rare screening of the new 'Making of a Legend' documentary, which takes place Friday 18th May @ 10pm

'Bob Marley: The Making of a Legend' was designed as a very intimate portrait of
Bob Marley & The Wailers, including some of those who inspired a whole freedom movement
in Jamaica in the 70?s. The narrative is artistic in its approach to explore a reconstruction
of the past in post colonial Jamaica through Esther Anderson's lens as the storyteller.

More info on "Bob Marley: The Making of a Legend" below:

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Friday 18th May:

8:00pm – Red, Amber, Green (Dir.Chris Byfield)(Jamaica)(2012)(25mins)EUROPEAN PREMIER
8:45pm – Fire Burn Babylon (Dir.Sarita Siegel)(UK)(2009)(53mins)

10:00pm – Bob Marley: Making of a Legend (Dir.Gian Godoy & Esther Anderson)(90mins)(2012)

Saturday 19th May:

3:00pm – Fire in Babylon (Dir.Stevan Riley)(2011)(95mins)(UK)

4:45pm – Rocksteady (Feature Film)(Dir.Mustapha Khan)(2011)(90mins)(USA)

Sunday 20th May:

3:00pm – We The Raggamuffin (Dir.Julian Henriques)(1992)(25mins)(UK)

4:00pm – Bad Friday (Dir.Deborah Thomas & Junior Wedderburn)(2011)(63mins)(USA)

Festival Pass ONLY £16 or £4 per film


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  1. Forgot to mention this is a UK premier, they did a screening of an earlier edit at the BFI but this is the final cut.