Thursday, July 26, 2012


by Amaziyah TheGreat on Thursday, July 26, 2012 at 1:29pm ·
Amaziyah The Great is pleased to inform the fans across the world that they should be on the look out for better quality film production for the year 2013 and further on.

This multi-talented entertainer/filmmaker, who's real name is Craig Kirkland, was very elated as he elaborated in recent conversation via phone about making links with Mrs. Marsha Davis and Mr. Robert Carty from the United States.

Later this year Kirkland will be directing a short film titled "RUNNER" written by Mrs. Davis. Shanna-Gaye Wheatley who is the lead actress in Camariah's Way will again play the lead role in this film. "The main location where the project gonna commence is Frazer's Content, Spanish Town, its a joy to know that Mr. Carty will be flying all the way from New York to Jamaica just to make this possible. Give thanks to Marsha for this great link because things can only get greater," he said.

Amaziyah The Great has been in the music business for quite some time now but he is known to many by his short amateur films on the worldwide web, films such as "The Voice" (90,498 views), In year 2010 he received an Honour Award at the Jamaica Reggae Film Festival for "Ghetto Visit" (37,669 views), with courtesy of Digicel, 2011 he was awarded with a BlackBerry Bold 2 for his short film "Stay Firm" which was created within 24hours.

Another film that most people are rapidly talking about is "Camariah's Way" a family drama where Sarge from comedic duo Apache Chief and Sarge plays the role of a perverted man wanting to molest his stepdaughter. "Wow! The interviews are now coming, earlier this year I spoke with Uncle Syd from Base FM in the United Kingdom and he is ready for an interview as me reach a England, previously Rich Davis from Florida (WLRN), Emiel Martens from Netherland, most recent is one is with Dr. Leahcim Semaj, thanks to Barbara Blake Hannah, Peter Gittens and all my fans, I Love you all, it would never be possible without you." Subscribe! 

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