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Who Killed Bob Marley? confusion!

I've been a little confused about this 'Who Killed Bob Marley?' documentary, i first spoke about this film a year or so back when i posted a thread about it, since this time i've not heard any updates or been able to get anymore info on the film but i have since come across a theatre production by the same name in the US aswell as a recent animation/documentary by the same name on the same subject. I've no idea if the 3 productions have any other links apart from the subject matter but below is some info on all three which i hope you find of interest......

'Who Killed Bob Marley' (the Documentary Drama).
It is generally agreed that Bob passed away because of melanoma. It is also concurred in medical circles that this type of pigment cancer does not occur in black people.The writer/director of the film was a close personal friend of Bob's and therefore was able to contact characters such as Louis Griffith, who still carries a bullet in his side that he received when an assassination attempt was made against Bob Marley in 1975 in Kingston, Jamaica.For more info please visit

The Official 'Who Killed Bob Marley?' Trailer

'Who Killed bob Marley?' (The Animation)

Who Killed Bob Marley? The true story. from walter bidén on Vimeo.

This is the latest release from Walter Bidén Productions. 'Who Killed Bob Marley' - is an animated documentary that compile conspiracy theories, rumours and facts about the death of reggae legend Bob Marley. All is presented by the presumably (at least in his own consideration) world renowned music journalist and movie maker Walter Bidén."This is a 9-year-project finally afloat", says animator/director Patrik Agemalm. We've put so much love and effort into the Walter character that he actually came alive". "We came up with the idea for the movie after seeing Kurt & Courtney by Nick Broomfield", says writer/voice artist Fredrik Lindgårdh. "It was just hilarious that Nick was more on camera than his supposed suspects - we just had to do something with that".The final result is of course a collective effort - considering all the years gone by.
Patrik Agemalm (Director/animator),
Fredrik Lindgårdh (Writer/Voice Artist),
Calle Nathansson (writer),
Anders Eriksson (writer),
Mats Jernudd (executive producer),
Erik Holmberg (soundtrack).

'Who Killed Bob Marley?' (The Play)

Roger Guenveur Smith’s latest one man show which has been showing in LA.

What has this to do with who killed Bob Marley? When Roger Guenveur Smith met the Rasta Man, Marley told him “you like football, you get a team” or in his more sophisticated version from “Redemption Song“: it doesn’t matter whose sons we are or the fate our fathers suffered, “None but ourselves can free our minds.” Reliving his encounters with Bob or the conspiracy theories he heard from people like Al Anderson, Smith stitches together portraits of bottomless Black strength, a fortitude that unfortunately comes even more attached to a life of looking over your shoulder.
Roger Guenveur Smith’s seminal new one-of-a-kind-man show lives and incorporates by Marley’s words, showing us what independence can do to the artist and the man even with 500 sea-urchin needles stuck in his left foot… the masculine one.

See link below for more info and the full review of the show....

Did Bob died from stomach problems which where nothing to do with his cancer or foot problem?

Was he served up a poisoned 'Jamaican' meal by a german! or was it a cia agent? hours before the problems with his stomach which killed him?

I've spoken with people who know more about it than i do who say that there is more to his death that meets the eye. Who knows what really happened but i'm sure these 3 productions above will highlight the events that led up to his death.

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