Sunday, February 10, 2008

Update...(10th Feb.)

Just to let you know that this website won't be getting updated for the next 3 weeks as i'm off to Jamaica for the Reggae Film Festival which i'm helping with, i hope to have plenty of news+updates when i get back so watch out for this...


A new Rasta documentary from Shashemane titled 'Rasta Paradise' which will feature Bongo Tawney, one of the Rasta Elders 'who made a trip out to Shashemane back in Feb.2005, some of you may be familiar with the film of the farewell party from Jamaica which was titled "Bongo Tawney's Farewell Trod".

Shortly we hope to have a new page devoted to the film 'No Place Like Home', Perry Henzells film which is the 2nd film from 'The Harder They Come' Trilogy.

Another new series out of Jamaica titled, 'Time Trip' which is a 6pt series which helps the viewers to learn more about there past. The new series that whisks viewers away to the days of Tainos, traders in captive africans, women cane-workers, Maroon Warriors, to walk in the footsteps of Jamaican heros such as Nanny Maroon and Sam Sharpe.

More news on all these soon....

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