Friday, March 14, 2008

New DVDs onsale soon......

I must apologize as i promised to put out a few more dvds forsale before i went to JA but have been so busy with the festival etc.
Anyway i will put out 2 new dvds very soon, the first being 'Destination Jamaica' and 'Rastafarian Dreams' which are 2 films by Jungle George which come on one dvd, they both go together and play as one film, this is also another film shortlisted out of many films for this years Reggae Film Festival, the documentary follows Georges journey to Jamaica back in the 80's, armed with his camcorder he travels to JA and lives with a Rasta family, the film documents his time there.
It's an excellent film, not the type of film we usually get to see, it is very unique, i'm sure you will all enjoy this one.

The 2nd film is 'The Legacy' by Jep Jorba who is a Spanish film maker who's film the Legacy opened the Reggae Film Festival this year. Again a very nice film documenting the reggae legend Rico Rodriguez, this is the first film ever made about Rico and i'm so glad someone took the time to do this film, we can all learn from this one.

DVDs will be on sale soon as i get time to do the website work, hopefully in the next week, but you can contact me if you just can't wait!

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