Saturday, March 22, 2008


Just a quick update, i've not had as much time as normal to search for the latest releases but i am trying to keep on top of things.

Next month(April) there going to be a documentary/show screened in the US on G4 channel titled "420", in this episode they go to JA. I caught up with them filming at the Bob Marley Museum on Hope Rd. in Kingston a few weeks back which is how i know about this one. It will be well worth checking out, i think it's a pro Marijuana show so i guess they'll be checking out the JA strains of weed etc., one of there last episodes was in Amsterdam and you can watch the videos of this on there website
The show is titled "420" and goes out on the 19th April(possibly 20th) on G4 which you can get in Jamaica, and most parts of the USA i believe.
You should be able to view the episode on the website from the 19th onwards.

Also for those of you in the UK and europe, checkout BEN TV, this is an African channel which has a nice music show on every friday evening titled "Musical Heatwave"
they have had some nice bits on reggae recently, with an exclusive Alton Ellis interview last week with Mikey Dread a few weeks before. They also sometimes air reggae concerts, i did catch Lucky Dube live not so long ago but i no longer get this channel unfortunately.

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