Saturday, March 22, 2008

New shows with Roger Steffens......

I must mention these 3 new shows that recently aired on Cace TV in NY. They are 3x 30min documentary/interview shows, i've yet to watch them but i hear that they talk alot about his collection of reggae and whats happening with it regarding the move to JA, aswell as other things he's working on reggae wise.
More news on these soon i hope...

Plus another show with Roger as special guest, he featured on the One To One show which went out in JA last week, the show focuses mainly on Peter Tosh and had lots of old footage of Peter being interviewed, most of which looked like it was from LA Reggae but there where a few bits i didn't recognise. Roger also gave his views on modern day reggae and talked of his time spent with Peter Tosh.

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