Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kymani Marley's new films.....

Kymani Marley will be producing 'Shottas II' in the near future, which he explained in a recent interview with the beautiful Olimatta Taal on CaribV TV, he also talked about a new film currently in production titled 'The Return' which he is working on, so this will be something to look forward to, he also mentioned another film script that he's currently looking at but he refused to mention the name of the movie as he "didn't want to let the cat out of the bag".
We will keep an eye on these and post updates when we get them.

Ky-mani speaking about the new movie 'The Return'
"It’s along the same lines but it’s not a follow up to Shottas. It’s something we’re looking forward to working on, hopefully this summer. I was looking forward to starting in February, but the tour was extended to April, so we’re looking to try to do that right after that (the tour). So, you know, it’s on the cutting board."

Kymani recently ran a competition via his myspace website with 5 prizes for a role in his new film The Return, the 5 winners have now been picked, you can watch them pick the winners out of the bag on this video below:

Also news of a brand new film Kymani is working on titled "Buffalo Soldier", here's what he said in recent interview with Jan Salzman of

"I also did just write the synopsis [for] Buffalo Soldier, which is a movie that I want to do in Jamaica, set around a little rebellious group. Really, like guerilla warfare that’s set against the government and the crooked politicians who are doing business with the underworld. It has a great story line behind it and we’re working on that also."

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