Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Canadian Black International Film Festival Announces Film Club and Call for Submissions

New film Festival launches in Toronto, now calling for entries......

"In 2009 the first annual Canadian Black International Film Festival(CBIFF) will be launched with the goal of establishing and promoting African and Afro-Caribbean cinema in the Canadian film industry. Our aim is to provide a place to highlight both Canadian and international filmmakers who produce content of black origin and increase distribution/sales activity. In preparation for the festival, we’re launching a monthly Film Club at the National Filmboard Mediatheque (150 John St, Toronto), beginning in January 2009.

If you are a filmmaker, this is a as great opportunity to promote your film and gain exposure to the public and local community, as well as, provide you with extensive network opportunities. The CBIFF Film Club is now calling for submissions from local, national and international Directors, Producers and Writers. We are currently seeking shorts, documentaries, feature films, music promos and animation to create a monthly screening schedule. The submission deadline for the first screening is Wednesday, December 3, 2008."

For more information and to submit your work, please contact Andrew Mahorn
Phone: 905-999-2629
Email: andrewmahorn@gmail.com
Gad Campbell
Phone: 647 830 3246
Email: gctsmg@hotmail.com

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