Monday, January 12, 2009

New proposed Law will kill Reggae Sound System Culture

A new law proposed for the new tax year will make it a legal requirement for all new or re-applying applicants of entertainment licenses in the UK to have a noise control device fitted to the venue.
This will be a huge injustice if this goes ahead and we cannot let this happen, we all saw what the criminal justice bill did for free festivals and peoples right to party in the UK.

If this goes ahead it may be the end of Reggae Sound Systems as we know them in the UK and it will instantly make all the current reggae sound systems basically inoperable as the electric will cut out if they go over a pre-set sound level and these are usually set very low.

Please show your suport and make sure this law never goes through by signing the petition at the link below:
(no later than 23rd January.2009)

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