Friday, February 20, 2009


Just a quick update as i've not had chance to post any news lately.
Not much going on with DVD releases lately, although we have seen the same old releases from Island Entertainment, no new documentaries or much of interest. Calypso Dreams is now available on dvd or for download from While your on that website also checkout the Techno dread dvd which has been available for a few years now, and if your into skating, check 'Invisible Kingdom' parts 1+2, both have a wicked reggae soundtrack.
The Reggae Film Festival,
As you may know the film festival which we've been wokring so hard to get ready for the past 6 months, has been postponed. This was a very hard decision the organizers had to make. It's such a shame because the event was a real benefit to the Jamaican film industry. The event will still go ahead but has been postponed till later in the year.

We had some big problems with the funding of this event, we'd been promised funding for the whole event yet 4 weeks before the festival was due to take place we found out that several bills had not been paid and that we wheren't going to be getting the funds we needed to cover all our costs. We could have gone ahead but if we did this meant we'd have to downsize the event considerably and we wouldn't have any funds to pay for some very important things. So the decision was made to postpone, as hard as this was for everyone working on the event. This was the last thing we all expected just 4 weeks before the event was due to happen, we had people already booked flights, and made arrangements to come over, so my sincere apologies go out to anyone who made plans to attend.
New documentary made as a direct result of the first reggae film festival, now this is a wonderful sucess story and something great that came from the first Reggae Film Festival. While i was in Jamaica i met a man named Horace Tomlison also known as R.C. Tomlinson, he has been a singer all his life and had a couple of hits back in the 70's when he had some 7"s made with Tuff Gong, some of his songs i can think of are 'Forward Marcus Garvey', 'What a Situation' and 'Ram Scam'.
Horace had always dreamt of success as a singer and never gave up trying to get an album made after his first two hits, but sadly like many of the Jamaican roots artists of his time, his dream never materialized but he's never given up hope and continues to look for a manager to this day, i must admit he has a great voice for his age and if anyone is interested in hearing more about Horace or wants to work with him then please contact me.
Anyway i had a call from someone who attended the festival a few weeks ago and he told me about this new documentary he had made about a 70's roots artist so i was very curious. When i watched the film i was amazed to see Horace as the main subject of the film, i was so pleased. The film was made as a direct result of the first Reggae Film Festival, and this is one of at least 2 films that have been made as a result of the event. I think the other was a film by Rick Elgood about LA Lewis but please don't quote me on that one.
I'll post up more info on the new documentary shortly and we hope to screen it at the Reggae Film Festival in the summer.

A ruff cut of a new reggae documentary was recently released online in Japan. The film titled 'Soundclass' was made by the (American)makers of the Japanese Tokion magazine in 2003. The 30 min long film by Adam Glickman explores the history of Jamaican sound system and dub culture. The film uses interviews with Paul Simonon, DJ Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, and more to explore the roots of this music and the influence it had around the world.

A new documentary/reality series is currently underway in Kingston, Jamaica. An Israeli film crew have setup a base for the duration of the series in Denham Town, right in the heart of one of the garrison areas, this is a place where police won't even go, where guncrime is a part of daily living.
The film will be a reality style documentary series which follows the lives of a team of Israeli's who have gone to live and work in Denham town to help the local community.
We hope to have some more info on this soon....
I recently read in an article about the late Dickie Jobson that Hollywood film maker Arthur Gorson will be completing Dickie's film 'Curse of the Golden Idol', this is the sequal to his most well known film 'Countryman'. The film is scheduled to be complete by the end of the year.


Thats about it for now, and if anyone has any film news then please drop us an email or leave the info as a comment.

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