Friday, March 20, 2009


Among the positive outcomes of the first Reggae Film Festival is the production of a new documentary on a forgotten 70s Roots Singer by an American film maker who attended the event in February 2008.

Documentary film maker Pepe Urquijo, currently appearing on Discovery Channel as director/teacher at “San Quentin Prison Film School”, the first ever film school behind prison bars, writes on his latest blog entry:

“Last year at this time I was in Jamaica relaxing. Happening also at the same time was the Reggae Film Festival. How could I not go? I saw some great films and met even greater people. One of them was an elderly man by the name of RC Tomlinson who approached me carrying his two hit 45 singles from the 70’s.He told me his desire of a having a number one hit. We exchanged info and within a week my documentary buddy from NY, Eddie Martinez, flew down with a camera and mike gear and it was on. We followed this vintage reggae singer through the streets of Kingston as he shared with us the story of his life. RC’s story is vital to reggae history because he is just one of the multitude of Jamaican artists that have had more talent than opportunities to continue singing.”

The video trailer can be viewed on MySpace at:
Left to right: Jerry Brown, R.C.Tomlinson, Barbara Blaka Hannah, Olivia 'Babsy' Grange, pictured at the Reggae Film Festival 2008

Anyone interested in watching the documentary on the San Quentin Film School which Pepe teaches can see it on The Discovery Chanel 20th and 27th March 2009 aqt 9:00am, if the films get a good response they may show 4 more episodes.

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