Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Eddy Grant features on Discovery Channel documentary selling his Plantation house....

A documentary will air on Discovery Travel & Living Channel(Europe) later this evening 9pm (UK time) to be repeated 7am Sunday 25th Oct. featuring Eddy Grant and his historic 'Bayleys Plantation' home in Barbados. Follow Eddy as he try's to sell his home.
This episode was produced years ago back in 2006 i think but re-airing right now so catch it while you can.

Bayleys Plantation is important in the history of Barbados. It was created by Joseph Bayley between 1719 and 1738 and by 1812 covered 444 acres. Together with Wiltshires, another plantation managed by the same family, they represented two of the largest plantations in the St. Philip parish, with a total slave population of 350 slaves. It was at Bayleys that Barbados' most significant slave revolt took place, on 14 April 1816. It was led by Bussa, and this was an uprising that influenced several other plantations in the region. In 1863, Bayleys was the centre of another revolt, this time by workers who were demonstrating against social issues such as poverty and police presence.

Eddy Grant lists his farm for nearly $35 million. I noticed it's still forsale! http://churchfieldrealestate.com/property.php?propertyID=607
Nice picture of his studio there! and guitar next to his 4 poster bed, nice place...


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