Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rare Reggae documentary from 1975 soon to be released....

Just a quick post to announce that we will soon be releasing a limited edition dvd of a rare vintage reggae documentary from 1975, obviously it's not everyday we get to see a film about Reggae from the 1970's, i think we can probably count the number of films made about Reggae in the 70's on our hands and out of all these i think only one is commercially available, so this is a very great day for us to be able to offer this film to the public after 34yrs.

We'll be releasing info about the film in the coming months, what i can tell you right now is that it will be offered as a limited edition dvd, each individually numbered and offered exlcusively via our website, so grab them while you get the chance.

The film features a short but very nice clip (pictured on left) of Jack Ruby with I-Roy toasting with a huge silver amplifier in the background, this is a very important piece of footage as this is one of only 2 pieces of film that i know to exist featuring I-Roy and both are very short clips, these pieces of film offer a unique glimpse into a very special time in Jamaica when roots reggae was at it's height, the whole area of Kingston at this time was overflowing with talent and a breeding ground for concious reggae artists.

The film also features some clips of Bob Marley and the Wailers(+I-Threes) performing live on stage at Schaefer Music Festival, plus some early footage of Toots+The Maytals live in studio, also includes brief footage of some of the early record stores including Randys, Prince Busters, Treasure Isle plus others which is some of the only known video footage of these stores. You also get to see a group of rude boys in Kingston and watch them walk around town, meet nyahbinghi, the legendary, also footage of Kapo and his pocomania church.

One of the special things about the film is the kind of footage we get to see which is mainly observational footage shot on the streets of Kingston in 1974-75, it gives us a window into Jamaican social history and i'm sure it will be greatly apreciated by many. More news on this soon.........


  1. that toots footage is the same studio session, depicted in 'The Harder They Come'... Can anyone confirm?

  2. Your probably right as the film also features clips of the memorable scenes from THTC with a man flying a kite on the beach, taken from the harder they come i beleive.