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The Legacy Film Festival - Sun.24th Oct. - Jamaican Films

Legacy Film Festival - Roots Time/Jamaican Soul
The Legacy Film Festival, Sun 24th October, 2010
1900 - 2100hrs - The Old Courtroom, 118 Church Street, Brighton, BN1 1UD
2 great Jamaican films will be screened as part of the Legacy Film Festival later this month (24th Oct.), so if your anywhere near Brighton then why not take trip down there to check out these great films. One of them in particular is a very rare film which was one of the first American films made about Reggae way back in 1975 and this is the first time it's been publicly shown in the UK for many years so catch it while you can...


'Reggae: Jamaican Soul' 28mins/ 1975 - Jamaica
This unique film is hailed as one of the first ever films to have been made about Reggae. The film is packed full of street scenes of 1970's Kingston, a city where something very special was happening, the time when roots reggae was at it's peak and the whole city was overflowing with pure talent and concious musicians.

The film shows us what life was like in 1970's Kington. Follow a group of rude boys through the backstreets of Kingston, take a peak inside a recording studio and watch Toots Hibbert recording live. We also get to see a very rare glimpse of some of the early record stores around the Orange Street area of downtown Kingston and Jack Ruby hosting a dance with I-Roy on the mic. We take a glimpse into the heart & soul of Reggae...

'Roots Time' 77 mins/ 2008 - Jamaica (Dir: Silvestre Jacobi)- Feature Film
A Rasta Road Movie; join Jah Bull and Baboo, two Rastafarians selling LP records in an old colourful car as they travel throughout the countryside towns of Jamaica. By chance their favourite and well known radio broadcaster 'Farmer Roots' hitchhikes with them in an emergency while trying to take his sick girlfriend to a hospital. 'Jah Bull' and 'Baboo', because of their Rastafarian principles, don’t believe in traditional medicine and convince 'Farmer Roots' to take his girlfriend to a well known herbal doctor called 'Bongo-Hu'.

Getting to the herbal doctor turns out to be much more difficult than they had expected and all kinds of adventures happen on their way to try and reach the herbal doctor.

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