Thursday, December 02, 2010


Just a quick update post, i have neglected this blog over the past several months not posting as much as i used to simply down to lack of time! if only we could get some more hours in the day i might find time to make more posts. To busy working on other projects right now, there are many new films coming out in 2011 so lots of documentaries and a couple of feature films so will be a good year, each year i'm noticing more new films being made in this genre and more people worldwide gaining interest in the Jamaican film genre.
In the works are films about Yellowman, Joe Higgs, there are at least 2 new Reggae documentaries due out 2011, one of which is made by the maker of "The Story of Reggae Music" series and the new documentary is a 2 parter on UK Reggae so this will be the one to look out for...
don't forget "Reggae in the Ruff", this is a project i know quite alot about and i can tell you this documentary is something new, a style of film we've not seen in Jamaica before, following the life's of a group of aspiring Rasta musicians who lives in the hills of Portland who are working towards getting their music recognized outside their own village. It's a real feel good film and something special in my eyes, the film gives them an opportunity to be recognized and i hope all those who get to see the film join in their story and help them make it! then maybe we get to see a part 2...seriously this was the most well received film at the 2010 Reggae Film Festival where we got to see a preview, everyone who saw it loved it. The film is due to be released early in 2011 so look out for the dvd.

I wanted to share this great piece of modern reggae footage with you all, a piece that deserves a place in the world reggae archive when we get one of those! it's Rod Talyor and Joseph Cotton, two artists who we don't get to hear about much these days but they sound as good today as they did back in the early days, singing one of my own personal favourites, a timeless song by Rod Taylor "His Imerial Majesty" enjoy the video....+thnx to Massai Sound

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