Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jamaica Reggae Film Festival preview 25th Feb. Bob Marley Museum, Hope Rd., Kingston, JA

The Jamaica Reggae Film Festival will be giving the public a sneak preview of some of the films it will be showing at the Film Festival in May(23rd-27th). The annual film festival is Jamaica's largest film festival and showcases the best in Jamaican film from  around the world, these films include films about Reggae, Jamaican culture, history, animation, feature films, drama's, just to name a few of the categories.

Each year many films are made by film makers all over the world about Jamaica, this is a phenomenon which is pretty unique to the small island of Jamaica, can you think of any other country which has over 100 films per year made about it's culture.

The Reggae Film Festival setup to showcase the best of these films and is pushing forward this whole category of film as a new film "sub-genre".

"The Reggae Film Festival is all about the celebration of Jamaican culture through film, it's an event for all Jamaican people to be proud of, the films we show are a tribute to all Jamaicans. The large number of films which get made each year about Jamaica is clear evidence of just how much influence Jamaica has had upon the rest of the world and people should embrace all these films as they all pay tribute to Jamaican people and culture. "

The Reggae Film Festival preview event is the first in an island-wide series of activities leading up to the May event.
The event will include Films, trailers of Festival Entries and CineChats with actors, film makers & music makers.
Takes place 25th Feb at the Legend Cafe, Bob Marley Museum, Hope Rd., Kingston. Starts 7pm

ADMISSION: Free. Food and Drink on Sale.


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