Friday, February 25, 2011

Marley's Africa Road Trip - New TV Series.....

Ziggy, Rohan and Robbie Marley have recently been filming a new documentary series that will follow them through South Africa on an adventurous road trip. The new series titled 'Marley Africa Roadtrip' will give viewers an inside look into the life of the Marley's. The brothers will travel to remote areas on motorcycles, riding through breathtaking scenery and camping outdoors under the stars. They haven't planned their route yet but say they will travel to wherever the roads take them....

The brothers who live in Los Angeles said that it was "cool to meet regular village folk away from the city".
His sons say they are now reviving "a dream our ancestors and family had in mind".

"We're having fun, but with a purpose." Ziggy said.

The road trip was inspired by their father's journey across the continent 30 years ago to perform at a freedom celebration concert in Zimbabwe.

Ziggy, a reggae star in his own right, said it was the brothers' first trip to South Africa: "We had no perceptions, but people told us Johannesburg was dangerous."

The brothers have sampled some local cuisine - including samp, which Rohan said was "very nice".

Marley Africa Roadtrip is being directed by David Alexanian, who filmed Ewan McGregor's motorcycle trips the Long Way Round and Long Way Down for the BBC.

The director Alexanian said,
"Our goal is to spend the next few weeks with people. Not just city but village folk, and bumping into unfamiliar territory."

"Joburg is a magnificent city. People want to give you a different idea, but this country is like watching Brazil play football - you're never left disappointed."

Ziggy’s trip has been supported by Ducati motorcycles who provided the three Marley brothers as well as director /producer David Alexanian with the new Ducati Multistrada 1200.

Ziggy Marley is a five-time Grammy winner and reggae icon, whose last Children’s Album, Family Time, just won the 2009 Grammy for Best Musical Album for Children.  Rohan Marley is an entrepreneur and philanthropist, whose company, Marley Coffee, offers gourmet ital coffee to major gourmet food distributors worldwide.  Robbie Marley is a motorcycle stunt rider who has appeared in several major motion pictures, and also owns a retail store in Miami, Florida.  For more information on the African Unity movement, please visit

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