Thursday, December 08, 2011

Drinkers at Notting Hill Carnival contribute to Jamaica-inspired masterpiece..

Just a short video i wanted to share....

Drinkers at the Notting Hill Carnival may have unknowingly contributed to a Jamaica-inspired art project. As part of this West London Caribbean festival, Red Stripe beer cans were collected from the festival for the ultimate recycling project: a DIY sound system. What better place to start a project using beer cans than a street festival attended by more than one million people each year?

After cleaning, drying and sorting, the collected uncrushed cans were taken to a studio where a design team, led by sound artist Yuri Suzuki, assembled them into groupings that eventually formed a 2.5 metre sound system. The blocks of cans were aligned to mimic stereo tubes and project sound.

Jamaican singer/songwriter Gappy Ranks and British DJ Al Fingers teamed up to test the sound system. The pair tested the range and versatility of the system using a variety of sound effects and vocal effects characteristic of reggae and dubstep music. System tests were a huge success, with sound from the system being well beyond the artists' expectations. Following initial testing, the system was taken to Village Underground for a launch event featuring dub artists MC Chunky, Ben UFO and others.

The project is a tribute to resourceful Jamaican culture and ‘do-it-yourself’ creativity. Musicians, artists and other creative individuals use the materials available in their environments to make something new, such as steel drums made from discarded oil cans. The project celebrates the brand Caribbean roots as well as making a great contribution to the recycled art genre.

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