Tuesday, December 13, 2011

National Library Of Jamaica Seminar - Legal Deposit & Building The Archives

Just wanted to share this video with you of the National Library of Jamaica's open day they had not so long ago where Minister Grange spoke about the importance of donating films and music to the National Library and also about the new law which makes it mandatory for one copy of all new film and music productions in Jamaica to be deposited with the Library, this ensures that Jamaica's culture gets preserved properly so this is a really good step forward.
The Jamaica Film Academy is also actively involved in the building up of the NLJ's film archive and attended the event along with film makers from Jamaica and abroad to donate both films and music to the archive.

If anyone watching this video has Jamaican themed music, film or books and would like to help contribute then you can contact the NLJ directly for information.


  1. We at the National Library of Jamaica thank you for sharing this video on your site. This video will go a long way in helping to educate persons about the need to contribute to the national collection which really is their collection. It will also sensitize viewers about the vital role the National Library of Jamaica plays in our society. It is a good thing to know that there are persons who care about building this collection and because it is a collection for everyone we ask that persons not only contribute but also visit the National Library and use its wonderful resources to the full.

    Keep up the good work.
    Sending you warm wishes from the National Library of Jamaica.

    Public Relations and Marketing Officer
    National Library of Jamaica.

  2. we regularly mention the NLJ for people to donate materials too, i only wish we could help more! i know just how important it is that people get donating to the library. Always happy to help promote the important work the NLJ does.